Considering A Matte Bathtub? Why Professional Designers May Urge You To Reconsider

While walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular, some of us don't feel our bathrooms are complete without a bathtub. When it comes to choosing the right bathtub style, the options are seemingly endless. And while you can rack your brain deciding between size and shape, you want to also make sure you are looking at the material. Matte bathtubs can be great for many reasons — they have a softer look and depending on style preference, are less shiny, plus they offer more grip for added safety. But even with those pros, professional designers still may recommend polished over matte as polished tubs are easier to clean and look better after use.

Matte is a design trend that isn't going out of style anytime soon, but professionals suggest using it for fixtures, like hardware, or even lighting elements instead of an entire bathtub. Regardless of designers opinions, though, matte still has its benefits. If you are considering a new bathtub for your home, here is what to consider when choosing whether or not to invest in a matte one.

The biggest reasons to steer clear of matte bathtubs

According to TikTok, matte is not the go-to bathtub option for designers when creating a livable bathroom space, mainly because it is hard to clean and without regular maintenance, can lose its sleek look rather quickly. Soap scum in particular can build up quickly on a matte bathtub, making it look dirty and dull, so it's not the ideal finish if you aren't someone who plans to clean your bathtub often. If you do go the matte route, you'll want to ensure you are cleaning your bathtub correctly, using a mild soap often and only opting for soft scrubs when you have tough stains. You also want to make sure you rinse your bathtub after using any type of oils as they can easily stain your tub.

Beyond the cleanliness aspect, matte is also not great for those hoping to capture a contemporary vibe for their bathroom space. Matte gives off a more minimalist look, which can look off-putting if you plan to decorate your bathroom with more luxurious and trendy items. If you do opt for a matte bathtub, you will need to keep the rest of the space minimal and natural.

Why you may want to consider a matte bathtub

While designers have solid reasoning behind choosing gloss over matte for bathtub finishes, there are just as many reasons to go the matte route as well. While you may have to scrub your tub more often than you would with a glossy finish due to stains being more prevalent, matte bathtubs show less of the things like fingerprints and smudges. Plus, due to their material, matte bathtubs are less slippery and provide a natural grip, which is ideal for those who use a bathtub for children or older individuals.

As for the design, matte is great for those yearning for a natural, earthy feel for their bathroom. Matte gives off a much softer look than gloss and can help create an organic bathroom aesthetic. Overall, though, the changes that come from matte or gloss bathtubs are small, and both types will work well, as long as you keep your tub material in mind throughout the entire design process.