Elevate Your Home Decor With Budget-Friendly DIY Satin Wall Art

Satin wall art might sound expensive, but it doesn't have to be. On the contrary, just a sheet of satin secured to a canvas using fabric glue is all you need to create it on your own. Your home is about to get a whole lot dreamier.

First, think about how many artworks you want. Just one is fine, as is a triptych or even more, so make the call based on what you like best. Next, think about how big you want your canvas(es) to be, and which shape you'd prefer. Finally, decide on the color of satin you'd like. Picking fabric the same color as your wall can add interest to your space, however, just go with whatever suits your taste. Peach and pink are known for being a dreamy combo, but even black will look incredible. 

Once you have all your elements, drape the fabric over the canvas to get an idea of how you want everything to look. Then, remove the satin, apply the fabric glue (available for under $9 on Amazon) fairly haphazardly, then pop the fabric over once more. Don't worry about any imperfections — the idea is to be able to see as much movement as possible, so if it resembles a sheet after a good night's sleep, you're on the right track. Finish by spraying it with some fabric stiffener ($5.49 on Amazon), glue any excess fabric to the back of your canvas, and you're ready to hang it up.

Picture lights are vital for this DIY satin artwork

While the satin on canvas will be interesting in itself, picture lights are what will really make your artwork pop. Positioned above the piece, you'll be able to see all the shadows of the creases, and a cheap and easy DIY will look a whole lot more expensive. 

Don't think you need to run off to Restoration Hardware to get lights like these, though. You can get rechargeable picture lights on Amazon for as little as $35.99 each. That they're rechargeable is a major bonus in itself, as it will allow you to hang your artworks anywhere you like, rather than only in spots with a power source. To mount them, simply follow the installation instructions. Ideally, you should place the light 6 or 7 inches above the artwork for the maximum effect. 

As for how to emphasize your satin art with the light, the really fun thing is that you can play around with it. If you want to really show off the details of the satin, go for a brighter light, but if you'd prefer something that resembles a slept-in bed, go for something a little softer. You can even switch it up, day to day. Just be sure to dust regularly. After all, in addition to the health hazards that come with dust build-up, you certainly don't want your picture lights highlighting dust mounds.