Our Interior Designer Says These Bathroom Fixture Finishes Reign Supreme In 2024

If you like to stay up to date with interior design trends, then you'll want to take note of the bathroom fixtures and finishes claiming the spotlight in 2024. House Digest spoke exclusively with Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer of the interior design firm Arsight, for this year's top-trending bathroom features. According to the expert, the looks that reign supreme in 2024 are industrial chic, minimalism, matte finishes, eco-friendly fixtures, and finally, timeless simplicity.

These design elements will make your bathroom feel like a spa and give it a timeless sleek allure. While there are ways to get creative and showcase your personal style, there are certain rules to follow when designing your bathroom if your goal is to align with this year's trends. Kropovinsky shared what you need to know about the most popular bathroom features in 2024 and how to bring them to life in your home.

This year is all about spa-like minimalism and industrial chic

Artem Kropovinsky revealed exclusively to House Digest that less is more when it comes to trendy bathroom design. "The main thing for 2024 is minimalism and matte finishes, which make bathrooms feel calm like a spa," he said. Kropovisnky also said that industrial chic is a winning bathroom aesthetic of 2024. 

Industrial chic seamlessly combines contemporary and retro elements, ideal for those who appreciate modern design and old-school charm. He added that the hallmarks of this aesthetic are vintage metals and rustic fixtures. "People like industrial chic now because it's modern but still has old stuff," said Kropovisnky. "This can be achieved through using items such as those made out of rustic materials or metals with vintage finishes."

Another growing trend is the use of sustainable materials in bathroom design. "People are beginning to use environmentally friendly materials in their fixtures in order to show that they care about the earth while also creating something that is unique," said the Arsight founder. Popular eco-friendly bathroom materials include reclaimed wood and recycled tiles.

Timeless simplicity is an enduring design trend

Speaking exclusively to House Digest, Artem Kropovinsky said that timeless bathroom design remains the most popular of all; the way to achieve this is through simplicity. "Out of all trends ever known by man so far mankind has never found anything more enduring than mere simplicity," said Kropovinsky. He added that simplicity is "evidenced by lines which are straight and elegance which is never overstated."

According to Kropovinsky, the key to timeless simplicity is to opt for fixtures with understated elegance instead of bold and dramatic beauty. "What makes these styles popular is how well they combine usefulness and beauty," said Kropovinsky. "For instance, simple appliances never go out of style because people will always need things that do not take up too much space visually or physically." With this approach, your simplistic yet stunning bathroom design will remain relevant and stylish over many years of changing trends.