Colored Toilet Paper Used To Be All The Rage. Can You Still Find It Today?

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Love it or hate it, colored toilet paper makes a statement. Believe it or not, there was a time when it was a hallmark of the modern bathroom in North America. Times have definitely changed since then, and colored toilet paper is now widely considered a bathroom decor trend that should be left in the past. However, it has not been wiped from the market entirely. Multi-colored TP is still sold today, and has undergone significant upgrades since it was first introduced.

Before we can appreciate the new-and-improved colored toilet paper of 2024, let's dive into the origins of this trend and the problematic features that led to its downfall. In its heyday, dyed bathroom tissue was all the rage, but this home decor fad had consequences that were not so cheerful. Thankfully, the makers of modern colored toilet paper have learned from past mistakes and have unveiled a product that is both rainbow-bright and safe to use.

The rise and fall of colored toilet paper

The mid-20th century was a colorful, experimental time for home decor and the bathroom was at the center of that movement. We're talking countertops, faucets, wallpaper, and carpet floors in every color of the rainbow. And don't forget the fuzzy toilet seat cover — yikes. It's no surprise that colored toilet paper soared in popularity during the '60s, when simplicity was a crime against fashion.

Colored toilet paper was first introduced in 1954, but did not go mainstream until the 1970s. This was an era of great change in the world of bathroom tissue. Perfume-coated scented toilet paper — perfect for deodorizing smelly closets – was unveiled in the mid-1960s, and by 1973, companies were introducing softer and more absorbent varieties. However, the colored TP trend began to dwindle as its negative consequences became apparent. Not only were the dyes linked to health and environmental concerns, but colorful toilet paper also took longer to decompose and was known to clog up septic tanks. Needless to say, homeowners were no longer as keen to match their toilet paper to their shag carpets. However, the days of rainbow-hued bathroom tissue are not entirely over. It's still sold in 2024, and has come a long way since it was first introduced.

What's new in the world of colored toilet paper and where can you find it?

Whether you're bringing the 60s back with your home decor or want to give your bathroom a pop of color, a company called Renova makes premium toilet paper in every hue imaginable. This Portugal-based company introduced trendy black toilet paper to the masses back in 2005 and has unveiled many other colors since then, from bright fuchsia to green to a luxurious red and black motif. The company also holds EMAS and Ecolabel certifications for its environmental commitment. Plus, every sheet of colored toilet paper is tested rigorously to ensure that it's safe and gentle on your skin.

It wouldn't take you long to find other brands of colorful bathroom tissue on websites like Amazon, and printed novelty toilet paper is also readily available online. However, Renova seems to have the most widely available, high-quality supply. Now that you know where to find it, all that's left to do is give it a try and find out if the home decor enthusiasts of last century were truly onto something.