15 Kitchen Curtain Ideas That'll Add Charm And Style To Your Space

If your kitchen doesn't cause butterflies in your stomach like it did on day one, then the room is ready for a change. But you don't need to whip out the toolbox to breathe new life into the space. A simple switch of the curtains is all you need to enhance bare walls, frame the room, create an inviting atmosphere, and encourage the butterflies to return. With kitchen curtains coming in several different colors, prints, fabrics, and lengths, it can be daunting to find the perfect style. Fortunately, we have 15 different kitchen curtain ideas that can enhance the look of the room and add appeal to your home.

Choosing the perfect curtains for your space depends on a few factors. First, your taste is important. While all our picks are charming and stylish, some will fit better in a rustic-style kitchen as opposed to an ultra-modern one. There is also functionality to think about. Curtains aren't purely for looks; they offer privacy and shade, some more than others. The covering's length plays a role, too. Long curtains can make the room appear larger, but short curtains might be better suited for high-traffic areas. Keeping these things in mind, you can have a beautiful kitchen curtain that meets all your design and practicality needs.

Turn up the fun with funky food prints

Kitchen curtains are a great place to add whimsical designs, especially food-themed. The patterned fabric can break up the monotony of solid cabinets and monochrome walls without clashing. Lemons, spice jars, utensils, and other random patterns your heart desires are stellar for decorating the windows. It will also add a homey and personal touch to your kitchen, which can often feel stiff and regal with heavy stone countertops, cool-toned appliances, and hard-edged cupboards. This look is perfect for those with a maximalist aesthetic or just wanting to add some playfulness.

Enjoy the blossoms year-round

Another popular pattern that'll add charm and style to your space is flowers. Floral print curtains bring a fun, light, and summery touch to the kitchen. There is a bounty of flora designs you can choose from, from the vintage cartoon petals of the 70s to fine-line monochrome blooms of the modern day. You can even forgo the flower crowns and opt for patterns with trees, leaves, vines, and branches to still stick with the botanical theme. Floral prints have a delicate feel that can make your kitchen more homey and welcoming.

Go for subtle pattern

If you like patterns but want something subtle and soft, striped curtains are the best bet. Both vertical and horizontal lines can complement your kitchen and enhance the room in different ways. Curtains with vertical stripes draw the eyes upward, tricking you into feeling the ceiling is higher. It is perfect if your kitchen has low ceilings or short windows. Conversely, horizontal stripes make the room feel wider. Extending the curtain rod further than the window's width or placing it above the trim can also make the window feel larger.

Double up on the color

Multicolored curtains are ideal for those who want a vibrant element in the kitchen without adding any prints. Decorating with curtains based on the rainbow is a simple and chic way to incorporate color into your kitchen decor. The two-toned vibrant pops of color can range from bright neon yellow with white to dark ruby red mixed with blue — it all depends on your style. You can buy two-toned curtains or design your own by layering a few pieces. Just place a different hue drape on either end of the curtain rod or use a double curtain rod to mix and match more colorful fabrics.

Add texture with tassels

Besides color, another way you can get a stylish curtain look is with texture. Tassels give you that character, add dimension to the fabric, and bring a pop to your kitchen. They are arguably more elegant than fringe while still bearing that whimsical energy. Tassels also fit into several design styles, so whether your kitchen is rustic, traditional, or contemporary, the bundles of cord can blend in. It can be one or two tassels on the ends that spice up a plain curtain or multiple sewn across the piece for a dynamic window covering.

Embrace the vintage style with lace

This is not your grandmother's curtain. Yes, lace is typically associated with the olden days and vintage tablecloths, but it is still a classic look that is sure to add charm and style to your space. The lacework lets in natural light, whether open or closed, so it's a great choice to brighten up the kitchen. Further, you can switch things up and give the lace a modern take by picking a different color fabric instead of the traditional white. It is perfect for farmhouse, traditional, and boho interior design styles.

Try boho-chic macrame

Macrame curtains are stellar for a unique kitchen look. The rope is knotted into different patterns to create a curtain with an airy and natural feel. Curtains with multiple layers of textile or tightly woven knots are best if you need privacy in the kitchen. Otherwise, the hanging string and braided ropes are great for letting in sunlight and creating an open feel within the space. The neutral color of the textile means it will complement any kitchen. Further, you can tie the design in with other macrame elements like hanging planters or coasters.

Forget fabric and go for bamboo

The majority of window drapes are fabric or textile, but we're switching things up with bamboo curtains. Of course, these plant-made coverings pair well with coastal and rustic interior design styles, but just like wooden cabinetry, they can be seamless in any kitchen. The bamboo will be a statement piece if you don't have any other wood elements in the room or increase the cohesion in your kitchen if you do. The tightly packed branches offer some privacy while still letting sunlight in. You can also finish the window with a fabric curtain topper to soften the bamboo design.

Bedazzle your windows

Another option that does anyway with fabric is beaded curtains. Typically, this window ornament is made from colorful glass or wooden beads. Glass beads mimic precious stones and decorate the room with vibrant color as the sunlight dances off each jewel. Wooden beads are charming and lend to an earthy, boho aesthetic. Both are unique options for your kitchen and add texture to your space. If you want to make curtains the focus of your decor, glass beads are the way to go, while wooden ones are perfect for a neutral look that's far from boring.

Ultra-fine curtains are ultra fine

If your kitchen curtains are more for style than blocking the neighbor's view, sheer drapes are a gorgeous option. They come in an array of colors to match your home's aesthetic. The ultra-fine fabric lets in ample sunshine and diffuses the light to create a warm and comforting impression in your kitchen. Sheer curtains are also a perfect decor idea to make your small kitchen seem bigger as they make the window feel more expansive and, in turn, the room. If you want a clean, calm, and elegant look in your space, these are the window coverings for you.

Keep it short and sweet

Cafe curtains are the very opposite of floor-length drapes. These curtains only cover the lower half of the window, stopping at the ledge. They are ideal for windows above counters and sinks that can't accommodate long drapes. The open upper half lets in the sunlight and makes the space feel open, while the bottom half garners privacy. Cafe curtains are a great option for small kitchens where large window coverings would overwhelm the room. The short and light fabric is minimalistic and simple, but you can choose curtains with fun patterns and colors to boost the look.

Just the valance

A valance is a short strip of fabric that lines the top of a window. Its role is to hide the hardware like blinds, but it can also stand alone as your curtain. Think of them like bangs for your windows. While it won't offer you much in terms of privacy, it does let the view outside the kitchen window speak for itself and won't obscure any sunlight. Further, since the fabric is so minimal, you can go wild with color or prints, and the valance won't clash with its surroundings.

Add a little swag to the kitchen

Swag curtains are another chic option for the kitchen. They are similar to valances, as they mainly cover the upper half of the window. However, swag curtains usually trail further down with tails on either end. They have a grand allure, don't block the sunshine, and add a light airiness to your kitchen. Plus, if you have a kitchen windowsill garden, the short curtain won't get in the way of your plants. Swag curtains are a great option for implementing color and patterns because, like valances, they don't overwhelm the window or room.

Accessorize with a scarf

For a style that is light, airy, and grand, there are curtain scarves. This fabric wraps around the curtain rod to decorate the border of the window. There are several chic ways to style a curtain scarf. You can hang the ends evenly for a neat and symmetrical look or make one end longer than the other for something abstract. Loop the fabric around the curtain rod just once for a simple drape, or wrap it around multiple times for dramatic ruffles. You can also layer a curtain scarf over another window covering to enhance the design.

Wrap it up with a bow

Last but not least, we have tie-up curtains for your kitchen windows. These coverings have built-in straps, so you can tie the bottom of the curtain toward the center. Hemming the fabric allows more sunlight to come in and creates a draped balloon effect at the bottom of the curtain that enhances the design. It is perfect if you enjoy long drapes but also want the look of a short curtain every so often. Tie-up curtains match best with traditional and vintage styles, but in the right color, they can complement your kitchen regardless of its interior design aesthetic.