The Popular Cleaner You Should Avoid Using To Wash Food Storage Containers

Disinfecting wipes have made clean-up such an easy feat. It's natural to want to use them as much as possible on every dirty item in your home. The temptation to wipe dirty food storage containers might be strong, but you should think twice before reaching for a square when it comes to products that hold edibles. Disinfectant wipes contain ingredients not fit for human consumption like antimicrobial pesticides, and the results could make you or your family members sick. Many of these products contain harmful substances that can irritate the skin and exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other health conditions.

Your food storage containers are a great place to keep leftovers, meal prep, and everything in between. Disinfecting these after use is important, as old food can carry bacteria that aren't ideal for the human digestion system. If you can't tell if your food storage items are dishwasher safe, you might want to reach for disinfectant wipes to clean these containers since they can kill bacteria, but that might not be the best option. These wipes contain chemicals like quaternary ammonium compounds and bleach, both of which can cause health issues if ingested or even touched. Check the ingredients of your wipes before purchasing, especially if family members have sensitivities to strong, harsh, or abrasive additives. Food containers are one of many household items that should stay away from disinfecting wipes for this big reason.

Disinfecting wipes shouldn't be used where you eat or store food

Most disinfectant wipe packages come with warnings to deter people from using them where food is prepped or stored. Some brands even have a warning label that discourages people from using them on dishes and glassware, so they probably aren't safe for food storage since these serve a similar purpose as dishware (to hold food). This is because the chemicals can transfer from the containers onto the food itself. Many of these "easy to use" cleaning products were designed to disinfect and scrub your bathroom, where germs reign supreme and tough ingredients are necessary to combat fecal matter, mold, and other particles.

Rather than using disinfecting wipes to clean your food storage containers, rinse them with hot water and leave the containers full before putting them into a big pot. Fill this with more water and set it to boil. This will get rid of bacteria in glass containers, and since using disinfecting wipes on metal isn't the best idea, this is a great pivot. Plastic containers can be cleaned with water before adding a paste of baking soda and water. Cover your Tupperware in the paste and allow it to soak for several hours. Use warm water and gentle dish soap to scrub away the mixture, and your containers should be clear of food and bacteria. Save disinfectant wipes for your bathroom, and use ingredients that aren't harmful for human consumption on food containers.