Does Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent Really Keep Mice Out? Here's What Reviews Say

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In the era of readily available information, product reviews have become invaluable in helping consumers decide if a purchase is worth the money. That applies to getting rid of rodents in and around your home; it's never a fun task, but what if you could get an idea of how Amazon's Fresh Cab Rodent Repellant ($18.50) works and what consumers have said about it before you make the order? Thankfully, with over 10,000 ratings, you might be able to determine if this is the product you've been waiting for to protect your car and surrounding areas from mice and other pests that have taken up inhabitance there. With an overall 4.2-star rating, this could be your rodent-control solution, especially with the money-back guarantee.

Giveaways that mice are living in your walls or cars include droppings and nests, and they tend to seek shelter anywhere they can. Dwellings and vehicles in outdoor areas also provide ideal respites for these creatures. Given all that, Fresh Cab is advertised as a way to keep mice from nesting in your garage, car, RV, or camper. Even sheds, basements, and barns can benefit from this product. The individually wrapped pouches are filled with balsam fir oil, fragrance oil, and plant fibers, which are meant to deter rodents that don't like the smells these create.

Most consumers rated this product 4 stars or above

If you keep seeing mice droppings in your car or outdoor areas like your shed, the instructions suggest tucking a pouch away in enclosed areas where the scent can permeate, pushing small creatures out and keeping new ones from taking up residence. Placing it somewhere where it can't be inadvertently moved or blown away will ensure the product lasts the 30 days it's proposed to work for. 

A number of Amazon reviewers gave the repellant five stars, with user Dal noting, "I live in an area where field mice figure out how to get into my car in winter and build a nest. I put a pack of [these] in the trunk and another on the floor mat in the back and the mice stay away. The scent is herbal and not at all objectionable. I change out the packs after two months...No Mice!!!" Other reviewers commented that the smell wasn't off-putting or bad, but that it worked to keep their problem areas with rodents pest-free.

In their review, Amazon user Amanda wrote, "We use these every year to keep mice out of our camper. It doesn't leave a nasty smell & has always worked very well for us. Easy to use & easy to dispose." An anonymous user confirmed the long-lasting effects by adding, "We left the RV sitting for 7 months in the forest. No sign of critters, varmints, or mold. And no odor! A definite must for next year." The non-lethal aspect is a big draw for some, but some buyers found that the more gentle ingredients weren't as big of a deterrent as they hoped.

Some found the smell -- and the results -- disappointing

Some reviewers who didn't like the scent couldn't argue with the fact that Fresh Cab kept their rodent problem manageable. "My in-laws live in the country and have used these for years in their garage and it's kept the mice out of their garage. I personally hate the smell but I can't argue with its effectiveness and we keep buying it year after year because it just works." However, not everyone was a fan, and while the smell might not have been the main problem, the lack of rodent control had some reviewers leaving one-star reviews. "If you want to make your RV smell like peppermint, these are great. If you actually want to keep mice out, these are worthless. I literally had mouse poop in the same drawers where I had packets. I have more of an infestation with these than I did without." Only 8% of the reviews ranked with a one-star, and the two and three-star reviews had lower percentages as well.

The main consensus seems to be that the smell is tolerable to many, and 63% of consumers rated the product with five stars, noting that it worked. The mixed reviews could be based on different areas across the country or even different species of rodents. Some might handle the ingredients better than others, hence why they weren't scared off by the product. But even with that in mind, Fesh Cab seems worth the try for the price point and non-lethal option it provides.