The Bold Fixture Finish Hilary Farr Uses To Give A Dated Bathroom A Modern Feel

Does your bathroom feel outdated? If your bathroom isn't chic enough for your standards, there are many ways to improve it, but don't assume you need to break the bank on extensive renovations and layout changes. Sometimes, all you need is an elegant new light fixture to transform the space. 

One of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of bathroom recreations is designer Hilary Farr, star of HGTV's "Tough Love with Hilary Farr." In Season 1, Episode 2 of her show, the expert added a sleek black light fixture over the mirror in a powder room, and the homeowners fell in love with the dark neutral detail. It makes sense: black is always a timelessly attractive interior design choice!

If you're inspired by Farr's priceless bathroom design tip and want to invest in a black light fixture for your bathroom, the dark look isn't the only aspect of the finish to consider, though — you also must determine whether you want a matte or glossy option. While a black light fixture with a matte finish will typically do a better job of hiding smudges and dirt, gloss finishes can appear more glamorous and bright, so consider which perks are most important to you when choosing your Farr-approved fixture. Also, remember to think about the rest of the space, and whether it all matches.

Consider your bathroom's overall aesthetic, too

When following Hilary Farr's lead and choosing a black light fixture, be sure to pick a product that complements the space's overall aesthetic. A black finish will look good with various aesthetics, but different lighting designs and styles will complement different themes and vibes. The powder room from the "Tough Love with Hilary Farr" episode was an industrial-style bathroom, as the homeowner excitedly noted. Farr has a history of incorporating the industrial style into homes, so it's no surprise that she opted for that no-nonsense look. In this case, the minimal design of the bathroom paired perfectly with the black fixture. If you also have or want a bathroom with an industrial theme, look for a black light fixture with a similarly not-so-fancy design.

While Farr's industrial look is super striking and sleek, there are plenty of light fixtures with black finishes to complement other aesthetics just as successfully. Does your bathroom have a more bohemian aesthetic? Look at black light fixtures with more free-spirited or boho-chic design details, such as the charming JONATHAN Y Phineas Farmhouse Bohemian 25.5-inch 3-Light Black LED Farmhouse Vanity Light, available at Lowe's. Or, if you have an ultra-modern, futuristic bathroom, look for an ultra-contemporary black light fixture, such as the sci-fi-looking Hampton Bay Woodbury 24.6-inch 1-Light Matte Black Integrated LED Bathroom Vanity Light Bar, selling for about $80 at Home Depot. And once you have your Farr-inspired light fixture, it's time to think about whether you want to evolve the rest of the bathroom.

Tips for decorating a bathroom with a Hilary Farr-inspired black light fixture

After installing your Hilary Farr-approved black light fixture, you may want to further elevate your bathroom with some new decorations based on the space's color scheme. The industrial bathroom from the "Tough Love with Hilary Farr" episode featured mainly black, white, and gray, which looked extremely chic. If you plan on keeping it classic and decorating your black-and-white bathroom, go with the flow of that high-contrast look by adding more black details. For example, a black vase filled with black soap trays, black cabinet hardware, a black faucet, and a black mirror frame will make the space look super cohesive and sophisticated.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with adding some pops of color to a bathroom with a black light fixture finish for a more playful spin on contrast. According to Farr, switching your shower curtains and towels are excellent ways to transform your bathroom without renovating or painting. So, don't be afraid to experiment with red, blue, pink, or green towels and curtains to bring a bathroom with a black light fixture and many other neutral details to life, whether the space has a Farr-inspired industrial design or any other aesthetic. Go ahead and follow the expert's footsteps by giving your bathroom some "Tough Love!"