Buying A New Washer And Dryer? Don't Forget To Consider This Before Investing

You should always pay careful attention to functionality, size, and style when buying a new washer and dryer, as the machines you rely on to keep your clothes fresh are crucial aspects of your home. With that said, sometimes accidents and malfunctions are inevitable, leading to the predicament of figuring out how to clean your clothes when your washer and dryer are acting up or completely broken. What can be the difference between a super stressful situation and a speedy solution? A reliable warranty.

You should never overlook washers' and dryers' warranties. It can be expensive to replace appliance parts, so if a company provides a good warranty for your washer and dryer, that warranty can potentially save you from spending big on possible future repairs or replacements. Many typical warranties will protect your washer and dryer for a year, and you also have the option to pay extra for a longer warranty, which will protect the appliances for longer periods.

Do you have the extra money and are nervous about something going wrong? You may want to splurge on an extended warranty. However, Consumer Reports notes that usually 20 percent or fewer washers and dryers have significant issues every 10 years, so there's at least an 80 percent chance that you won't need the longer warranty. So, if you'd rather not spend on an extended warranty, always keep your eyes open for washers and dryers with promising standard warranties, and beware of brands with customer reviews warning of not-so-trustworthy warranties.

The best and worst washer and dryer brands for warranties

A new washer or dryer can be expensive, so it can't hurt to search for reliable standard warranties so you won't break the bank. For example, Maytag includes a 10-year limited warranty for parts on products from 2017 and after, so it's an excellent brand if you want a longer-than-average warranty without paying extra for an extended warranty. Furthermore, many Speed Queen washers and dryers come with at least three- to five-year limited warranties, making the brand another convenient option for anyone looking for a standard warranty longer than the typical year.

On the other hand, you should avoid brands where issues tend to arise with the products and the warranty isn't reliable. For instance, some Deco washers and dryers are prone to problems, and the warranty won't provide long-term protection. Moreover, customers complain that Whirlpool's short warranty doesn't provide the necessary help when the machine stops working. Thus, while researching warranties isn't super fun, it's an ultra-important step in searching for the best washer and dryer.