Turn A Few Dollar Tree Items Into An Adorable DIY Hanging Birdbath

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Looking out into your yard, you can't help but smile at the aesthetic landscaping, the blooming garden, and the general outdoor splendor. You've purchased or made a DIY bird feeder, and you're noticing that feathered friends are popping by to visit. What else could you possibly need? What about a hand-crafted hanging birdbath to give your flying pals a place to perch, wash, and drink from so they can tell all the others about the resort-style spot you've set up for them? After all, it's not that crazy to think birds share the best yards by word — or squawk — of mouth. 

Lucky for you, you can turn a few Dollar Tree items into a budget-friendly birdbath (say that three times fast) that looks nice nestled among your trees or hanging from the patio without feeling obstructive or heavy against your decor. Plus, for only $3.75, you could open a real bird hotel and still be in the black! The finished product looks like you spent a good amount of money on it, and it's sturdy enough to hold your feathered friends when they pop by for a visit!

Putting together your birdbath

Head to Dollar Tree and pick up the following items: The Standard Hanging Colored Planter ($1.25), Multi-Toned River Pebbles ($1.25), and Floral Garden Terrarium Dish ($1.25). These will be your main pieces, although you can always embellish or add to the project once you've assembled them. To start, place the large planter on a flat surface and remove any tags. If you want to swap out the hanging cords, you can do so with any other option that will fit into the existing holes around the perimeter of your planter. Chains, rope, or even sturdy twine can work — just ensure the material will hold the pot once rocks are added.

Place your terrarium dish on top of the plant pot so it sits flush against the lip of the larger container and creates a tray effect. Test this in the store to ensure you're getting the right sizes. Once your tray is balanced, add in your river rocks to cover the entire bottom of the clear dish. 

From here, you can let your creativity or needs shine through. For example, you can add a large stick or bigger rock to provide a platform where birds can perch inside the birdbath. If you use a larger branch with multiple perches, you might need to anchor it by wrapping wire around the bottom of the wood and under the tray so it doesn't topple. Once your bath is set up, add in water so that the stones are covered, leaving just your large items poking out (if you live somewhere that gets windy, less height or excess is better).

Placement and cleanliness are important to draw in more feathered friends

Hang this easy DIY from a shepherd's hook (like this Amazon hanging pole) or attach it to a strong hook you've screwed into a patio overhang. Birdbaths are best hung in areas with tree cover and shade so that the water stays cool and birds feel safe when using it.  Exposed areas alert birds to the possibility of predators, so keep your bath somewhere they will be able to enjoy it without fear. 

There are many tricks to keep your birdbath clean. One of the most important is changing the water every two to three days to keep it fresh. All you need to do is remove the plastic tray and hold the rocks while you tip out the older water. It's best to avoid certain cleaning ingredients when sanitizing your birdbath, like products with chemicals or essential oils. You can use vinegar if it needs a good sanitizing, and always make sure to rinse the tray and rocks with fresh water before refilling it.