Champagne Bronze Cabinet Pulls Are The Luxurious Upgrade Your Space Needs

Choosing the right type of cabinet hardware is a crucial interior design choice, so be sure to research various options and carefully consider which will be the best fit for your space's aesthetic. Do you feel tired of the same old silver and gold hardware options and want to add an expensive-looking, eye-catching detail to your cabinets? Consider shiny champagne bronze cabinet pulls for a warmer and more luxurious feel. While the champagne bronze effect typically isn't cheap, it makes a richer, deeper, and more unique statement than more predictable brass hardware. Champagne bronze cabinet pulls are arguably one of the classiest hardware options you can add to any space, so think about using them to elevate your cabinets.

Once you know you want to commit to a champagne bronze cabinet pull, remember to consider which style you want in addition to that stunning finish. Do you want something straight and sleek or curved and romantic — and simply smooth or intricately textured for extra flair? Also, keep in mind that no matter which style you choose, the champagne bronze cabinet pulls will look a bit better with some cabinets and decorations than others.

Champagne bronze is versatile but pops best when styled well

Like any other hardware finish, the champagne bronze effect shines most successfully against certain cabinets. If you want an ultra-eye-catching look, consider pairing a champagne bronze cabinet pull with a deep wooden cabinet for an old money-inspired feature that will make your cabinets look like something from a lavish historical mansion. Meanwhile, if you want a softer look, use a champagne bronze cabinet pull on a light, creamy beige cabinet that will steal all your guests' hearts when you have them over for brunch or dinner. Moreover, white kitchens never go out of style, so don't be afraid to embellish classic white cabinets with classy champagne bronze cabinet pulls.

While champagne bronze cabinet pulls look stunning in kitchens and exude high-end restaurant vibes, the champagne bronze effect is also ideal for bathrooms, making them look more expensive, so you might want to add it to the cabinets in both spaces to elevate multiple areas of your home. And although the champagne bronze look tends to give off an old-school glam vibe, it still works in spaces with ultra-contemporary features like stainless steel appliances — especially when you tie it all together with matching champagne bronze light fixtures.

Explore different champagne bronze options

There are many attractive champagne bronze cabinet pulls, so familiarize yourself with various choices to determine the best fit rather than committing to the first piece you see. One chic and contemporary-leaning option is the Liberty Solid Bar 3-inch Champagne Bronze Cabinet Drawer Bar Pull, available for around $7 at Home Depot. On the other hand, anyone looking for a curvy, more detailed effect should check out the Brainerd Architectural 3-3/4-inch Center to Center Champagne Bronze Cylindrical Bar Drawer Pulls, selling for about $8 at Lowe's.

Once you have your champagne bronze cabinet pull, you may want to add other champagne bronze details to complement it. If you want your kitchen faucet to match your cabinet hardware, consider enhancing the champagne bronze cabinet pull with a faucet in the same finish, and potentially taking it even further with a matching mirror frame and towel holder. And if you want your bathroom to feature as much champagne bronze as possible, invest in a toilet handle with that finish, too. Either way, champagne bronze cabinet pulls will bring any space in your home from looking ordinary to luxurious!