Recreate The Look Of Hilary Farr's Showstopping Front Door For Less

If you're looking for an instant interior upgrade, consider giving your front door a Hilary Farr-inspired makeover. Farr is known for her chic, British-inspired aesthetic that blends minimalism with luxury. While she is praised for her stunning renovations on "Love it or List it," Farr recently updated her own gorgeous home. One of the most showstopping elements of her remodel is undoubtedly the front door. She worked with Clark Hall Doors & Windows to create a custom entryway to complement her new, brick-covered fa├žade, but you can recreate the look for less by using window film, new hardware, and some paint.

Farr's front door is the perfect example of how to curate a contemporary home that won't go out of style. While a custom door isn't in everyone's budget, there are several ways you can steal stylish inspiration without breaking the bank. If you're looking to capture the essence of her front door for an attainable price, you can choose from a series of more achievable enhancements.

Focus on maximizing natural light

Hilary Farr explains her vision on Instagram: "I knew I wanted a front door that would be an unexpected design with the traditional brick exterior of the house. It must not be too modern. It must look beautiful from the inside and the exterior. It must let in maximum natural light but give privacy." The patterned glass provides an added layer of privacy without sacrificing any natural light. However, one of the most expensive elements of any renovation is custom glass.

While you can find a glass front door for under $500 from retailers like Home Depot, the textured glass installed in Farr's front door is harder to come by. Luckily, you can capture the look by applying affordable window film. This cost-friendly solution is available in a wide range of patterns. It also comes with a host of practical benefits. A glass door with clear panels also allows more heat to enter the house, and window film can help save energy costs. Look for a brand that offers UV protection, such as this versatile rain-style film from Amazon. Static cling film will also allow you to reposition your window coverings without the mess of adhesive. If you want a particularly eye-catching look, consider an iridescent pattern similar to this Amazon product.

Modern, matching hardware inside and out

Traditionally, front doors have displayed a simple knob on the inside and a more elaborate pull on the outside. Rather than following the classic technique of showcasing different hardware inside and out, Hilary Farr opted for a more modern front door look. By selecting sleek handles that mirror each other, you can create a contemporary appearance. These exterior door handles from Lowe's are an excellent dupe for Farr's matte black hardware.

Another key element of Farr's front door is the dark door frame that matches the handles. This allows the handles to disappear into the steel frame. For an all-in-one option that is less expensive than a custom door, Pinky's offers a double-arch door visually similar to Farr's. However, if you can't afford to swap out your front door for a glass door with a metal frame, don't fret. You can still elevate your entryway by painting your door in a matte, deep grey or dark chocolate shade. For example, Sherwin-Williams' Black Magic is designed for exterior doors and trim.