Steal These Easy Kitchen Design Tips We Found In Airbnbs For A Cohesive Space

Airbnbs are one of the best places to pull home inspiration from, because hosts strive to provide a rental that not only earns them five-star reviews, but makes guests want to come back and recommend the stay to their friends and family. In order to achieve this, many homes are filled with clever decor and aesthetically pleasing elements, and if you love to pull inspiration from places you stay, start paying attention to clever Airbnbs design hacks you'll want to use in your own home. One way people create cohesive designs is by using a few simple tricks, including keeping their crockery or cookware and linens consistent,incorporating baskets for stylish storage, and utilizing trays to define and give purpose to items in the kitchen. 

Consistency isn't just about a matching color scheme; it's about making sure your items look good together in a shared space. Whether you have a lot of mismatched dishes or an excess of items without a home, creating cohesiveness in your kitchen can transform it. While new appliances and cutlery that don't look overly used will gain hosts major points for those guests who love to review every nook and cranny, it's also about finding ways to build a flow with your items, creating uniformity where you can. Stylish storage, matching tableware, and functional decorations are all ways to do this.

Keep your kitchen design consistent

Crockery that features the same coloring as the kitchen towels and fabrics is one of the easiest ways to keep consistency in your kitchen. Kettles, pots, pans, plates, glassware, and even the handles of your utensils can easily align with your dish towels and table linens, pulling through a chosen color like cream to build an aesthetic. It's not just about the kitchen linens though; by using the same color throughout the whole house, you can create a persona that exudes clean, organized, and attentive personality traits.

White is one of the easiest colors to pull through a home, and investing in white crockery to match your white towels presents a clean, uniform aesthetic. However, if you tend to have a lot of company or a big family, white everything might not be the best idea. Linens and kitchenware can get dingy with extended or frequent use, so darker colors could be more beneficial if you have a busy household. Black appliances and tableware are fairly common both online and in-store, and black towels are easy to come by through both options as well. You can even use a clever Airbnb dish towel hack to elevate these necessary pieces and show off the uniformity.  Don't be afraid to test other colors or patterns too if you prefer funkier options. To make it easier on yourself, you can always look for dish, crockery, and towel sets that already feature matching designs.

Add baskets and trays for stylish storage

Airbnbs have plenty of clever additions that not only bring decorative touches to their spaces but also provide functionality in a room. The kitchen can tread a fine line between order and chaos, so to practice the former, keep baskets around the cooking area to hide and protect items that don't fit in the cabinets or pantry. Not only can you store plastic or paper dishes and cutlery here, but stashing your cleaning supplies in a decorative basket can disguise it so your kitchen still looks neat, tidy, and stylish too! If you want to get even more creative, use baskets for baking items so whenever it's time to complete a recipe you can just pick the corresponding basket instead of searching through cupboards.

If you can find small, medium, or even larger trays that fit on your counters or surfaces, this design hack is a genius way to provide a place for small or random items. Airbnbs usually have trays to display welcome notes and snacks, so use yours to leave memos along with favorite treats that are easy to grab. Set up a tray by your coffee machine to create a simple coffee bar. By having a separate vessel, you're pulling clutter off of your flat surfaces and giving them their own purposed area. Keeping your kitchen counters clear and organized is easy — you just need simple additions or pivots will elevate your home and create an Airbnb ambiance.