Get Your Stone Hardscape Features Sparkling Clean With A Simple Kitchen Essential

Natural stone hardscaping can give your home irresistible curb appeal and serve as walkways and retaining walls in your yard. However, if there's a lot of dirt and grime on your stone hardscape features, it won't help you achieve the aesthetic that you're aiming for. It's not uncommon for the hardscaping in the yard to collect a lot of dirt, and when it does, its appearance will suffer. While you might think you need a specialized cleaning product to ensure your hardscape features are sparkling clean, you need less than you might expect. All that's actually needed is a bit of mild dish soap and water to get your natural stone retaining walls or walkways looking pristine. 

Once you mix these two ingredients together, you'll have the perfect cleaner at your disposal; aim to add two gallons of water to two tablespoons of dish soap for an effective cleaner. You can then apply the solution to your stone hardscape features and use a firm-bristled brush to thoroughly remove any dirt and grime that's present. To maximize cleaning power, opt for warm water instead of relying on your outdoor faucet.

Precautions to take when cleaning stone hardscaping

When cleaning stone hardscapes, it pays to be cautious. For this reason, always spot-test the soap and water cleaner on an inconspicuous area before applying it all over your yard's masonry. You should also be sure to rinse thoroughly when you're done cleaning. Leaving the solution on your stone pavers could end up damaging them and cause hazing if your stone accents use a sealer. (This possibility is also why you should limit the amount of dish soap you use.) You should be careful during this process as well and  avoid letting it come into contact with plants that are nearby as it could burn them.

Keep in mind that to avoid damage, many popular DIY cleaners shouldn't be used on stone. Using vinegar to clean your patio pavers could be a huge mistake due to its acidity. Baking soda, although alkaline, can also damage natural stone. If any of these ingredients get onto your stone hardscaping, you'll want to rinse them off thoroughly and immediately.