The Best Way To Wash Bamboo Sheets Without Damaging Them

Picking out and purchasing new bamboo sheets can be a fun and novel experience as you get to compare different patterns, weaves, and thread counts. However, once the novelty of the new bedding wears off, you still need to take care of your sheets. While washing bed sheets may not be the most thrilling activity, regularly laundering your bedding is essential both for your health and for the longevity of your bedding. Regardless of the material of your sheets, you should wash them at least weekly. Regular washing can be hard on fabrics, especially bamboo, so it is important that you both wash and dry your bamboo sheets on gentle settings and use only gentle bleach-free laundry soaps.

While bamboo fabric has been praised for its durability, antimicrobial powers, and sustainability, it's important to know before buying sheets that the truth is a bit more complicated. Most bamboo sheets are actually made of bamboo rayon. This requires using harsh chemicals to create a bamboo pulp. Once bamboo has gone through this process, it no longer retains its antimicrobial properties and is far less environmentally friendly. While it is debatable whether bamboo sheets are worth the money, once you have purchased them, it's important to take good care of them so they last as long as possible.

Best practices for washing bamboo sheets

Bamboo rayon can be prone to fading and warping, so it is important to keep temperatures low when washing and drying to limit this. (You may occasionally want to wash your sheets at a higher temperature if you or someone in your household has recently been sick.) While many washers have a bedding cycle, this often involves warm water, so in most cases, it is best to choose the gentle cycle on your machine to preserve the life of your bamboo sheets. If your washing machine has an agitator in the center, make sure you don't wrap your sheets around it, as that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric. Instead, just place your sheets into the machine in loose piles.

It isn't just the washing machine settings that are important for washing bamboo sheets, though. You also want to ensure you use a gentle laundry soap instead of a harsh laundry detergent. One specifically labeled for use on natural products is likely the best option. Don't forget to use gentle settings when drying your sheets as well. If possible, opt to line-dry them outside. Not only is this best for the sheets, but it is also great for the environment.