The Highly-Rated IKEA Phone Accessory That Doubles As Cute Home Decor

Picture this: you're running late for work but can't seem to find your phone anywhere. You scramble around your home, throwing blankets and pillows around, trying to find it. Finally, after searching for what feels like ages, you discover it face-down, camouflaged into a table's surface. Does this scenario sound familiar? What if you had an accessory that could eliminate this stressful situation forever? Luckily, there is one such item. It's called the KRUBBET, and it's well-loved by customers at IKEA. This versatile phone holder will elevate your device so it stands up horizontally, helping you never lose it again.

On top of that, the KRUBBET has plenty of other benefits as well. Shaped like a tiny wire chair, this item will add a trendy, whimsical accent with a modern flare to your home. According to the customer reviews on IKEA's website, the black powder-coated steel is quite stable. The piece is also versatile, as it allows you to prop your phone up either vertically or horizontally and at three different angles. You can also charge your phone while it's sitting in its chair. But the best part? This 4-inch by 4-inch stand only costs about $3, so it won't break your budget. If you want to add this both functional and aesthetic decor piece to your space, find out where this item could come in handy and other creative ways to use it besides simply as a phone holder.

Where to use the IKEA KRUBBET phone holder

The most simple use for the KRUBBET is to put it on your living room island or side table to designate a place for your phone while it's not being used so it never gets misplaced. You could also use it to decorate your nightstand, where it would become the ideal holder for your phone while you drift off to sleep. However, this item can also come in handy anytime you're using your phone but can't just hold it. For instance, you could keep it in the kitchen for when you're cooking and need to reference an online recipe. Or, if you use multiple devices while working from home, place the stand on your desk in your office, where it can always be propped up and in view. 

In your craft room, while your hands are busy molding sculptures, sewing throw pillows, or painting artwork, your phone could have a place to sit beside you. Perhaps you like to follow makeup tutorials while getting ready in the morning, in which case the KRUBBET could be a perfect addition to your bathroom vanity. Since it's made out of powder-coated steel, it can be exposed to moisture without getting damaged. While enjoying a meal in the dining room or at the kitchen island, if you want some entertainment, use the KRUBBET to hold up your device so you can watch a YouTube video or TV show while eating.

Unique ways to use the KRUBBET

However, perhaps you don't think that a phone stand is all that useful, or maybe you don't want the tiny chair to be empty when not in use. In these cases, you could use the KRUBBET for another purpose. For those who have lots of devices, this item could help make the most out of a small office by becoming a charging station. Just prop the many devices up against each of the three bottom horizontal bars. Then, you can easily charge them all from this singular location, ensuring you don't misplace any of your devices. If you play video games, also try using the stand as a place to put your remote controller when not in use.

Or, perhaps you're looking for a repurposing idea that has nothing to do with electronics. If so, you could lean into the aesthetic value of the piece and utilize it as a simple decoration stand. Because this item looks like a mini chair, you can place anything on top of it to make it look like it's sitting. Try this out with mini decorative sculptures or treasured stuffed animals. Children's hardback books could be placed in the stand to display them upright on a surface. You could also use it as a photo display by propping a photograph up against one of the horizontal bars, or place a tiny potted plant on the chair. Really, the opportunities for uses with the KRUBBET are endless.