Unsellable Houses Stars Show Us A Tasteful Way To Use Bold Wallpaper To Jazz Up A Space

Wallpaper has had a resurgence in contemporary homes. Modern wallpaper is no longer the powdery roses and light pastels of your grandma's home –- unless that's your style. Designs have expanded, allowing anyone to infuse visual interest into a space no matter their interior aesthetic. Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from HGTV's "Unsellable Houses" have mastered the art of using bold wallpaper without overwhelming a room with pattern. In the Season 5 finale of "Rock the Block", an HGTV interior design competition show, Lamb and Davis turned a loft into a cozy sitting room and office space that uses an organic geometric pattern wallpaper. The designing duo updated the look by adding wallpaper on two walls, creating a little repetition for more visual interest.

Lamb and Davis added wallpaper behind a built-in desk and on the wall around the laundry room's entrance. In many designs, wallpaper is used on a single wall to create an accent wall. The pair used wallpaper on two adjacent walls, however, they left a small space of white wall so the wallpaper does not meet. It's a minor separation but the wallpaper creates a sense of harmony while highlighting the wall and the built-in. Adding wallpaper to every wall can be overwhelming, but a single accent wall can feel dated. Wallpaper in two distinct spaces feels fresh and updated. An infusion of bold design creates unique interest in the small space.

Bold wallpaper adds visual interest

Achieve a quick infusion of color and pattern with wallpaper. Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis used grasscloth wallpaper by Wallshoppe in the pattern Watercolor Weave Large in taupe. The warm neutral is calming, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and pairs well with the natural wood finish on the built-in desk and furniture. However, it's the texture that makes this wallpaper interesting. The woven texture adds depth, but the minimalist design prevents the wallpaper from being too busy. These abstract and organic line designs, like this similar wallpaper from Etsy and this brushstroke design from Livette's Wallpaper, add movement that makes the eyes dance around the room. This, combined with the light colors, helps create the illusion of a larger, more open room.

Lamb and Davis are no strangers to using wallpaper in their designs and they always seem to be able to choose the right wallpaper for the space. The pair don't only stick to using neutral colors and minimal designs. In Season 5, Episode 2 of "Rock the Block", Lamb and Davis used a bold wallpaper depicting lush jungle greenery with pops of color from flowers in a bathroom. The vibrant pop of color creates an unexpected statement. It proves that both soft, minimalist design and bolder patterns can elevate a space.

Designing a room with wallpaper

Wallpaper can add character and charm, setting a room's design apart from another. On "Rock the Block" and "Unsellable Houses", Lamb and Davis have come up with many innovative ways to use wallpaper. In Season 4, Episode 5 of "Unsellable Houses", the designers wallpapered a small section of the wall above the mantle of a brick fireplace. Though it's only a few square feet, it adds a pop of color and pattern to the room in an unusual way.

This isn't the only time they have mixed materials and used wallpaper alongside other design elements. In the bathroom with jungle greenery wallpaper, they used a glossy green subway tile just below it. They took inspiration from colors in the wallpaper and paired it with the other decor, so the space feels cohesive.

Despite the name, walls aren't the only place for wallpaper. The ceiling is the perfect place to add this design detail in an unexpected way. When combined with coffered ceilings or crown molding, it can make these traditional details feel updated and refreshed. Over the years, Lamb and Davis have proved that wallpaper can make a major difference in a room's design.