8 Top-Selling IKEA Dressers To Spruce Up Your Clothing Storage

Everyone with a lot of clothes — or even just a normal amount — knows how important it is to have a reliable dresser. Those pieces of furniture offer your garments more safety and organization than if you were to just leave them lying around. With that said, you should pay careful attention to all your dresser options when shopping for one.

While many retailers sell dressers, IKEA offers a plethora of well-liked and reasonably-priced options featuring different sizes and materials, so there should be something for everyone. A lot of IKEA's dressers have high ratings, indicating that they're good options, but some top sellers by KOPPANG, SONGESAND, HAUGA, BRIMNES and MALM stand out as the best.

A few significant factors to think about include how well the dresser will fit in your home, whether the material is the best option for what you require, and if you're comfortable with the price. Also, don't forget to pay attention to the hardware — or lack thereof — and how important those details are to you. It's always a good idea to see what reviewers think of the products too, as you consider which of the best-selling IKEA dressers you can most clearly visualize in your home.

1. The KOPPANG 6-drawer dresser

KOPPANG dressers are perfect for fabulous DIY makeovers, including the best-selling KOPPANG six-drawer unit, which you can purchase for about $260 at IKEA. Featuring half a dozen spacious, rectangular drawers, the elegant white dresser has eye-catching black knobs for sleek contrast. While not every review is perfect, hundreds of customers appreciate the product, giving the dresser high scores for its value, quality, how it looks, and its ability to do its job. Just remember to follow the directions to mount the item to the wall, which will prevent tipover and keep your space safe.

2. The SONGESAND 6-drawer dresser

Another top-selling white dresser with six drawers is the SONGESAND unit, available for around $300 at IKEA. This piece is also meant to be wall-mounted by every customer to avoid tipover — but rather than knobs, the dresser features slim drawer pulls at the top of each charming paneled front, providing adorable flair. Although some reviewers complained that opening the dresser's drawers isn't as easy as it should be, many customers love how convenient it is to install, along with the value, quality, ability to meet expectations, and attractiveness.

3. The HAUGA 8-drawer dresser

Do you need a spacious dresser with more than just six drawers? The best-selling wall-mounted HAUGA eight-drawer dresser sells for just under $330 at IKEA and will provide plenty of space for every clothing enthusiast to store all their garments. Not every drawer is the same size, and the bottom layer intentionally appears pushed in front of the rest for a more dynamic look. There are mixed reviews regarding assembly and durability, so keep that in mind if you're not a huge fan of DIY projects, but most consumers still admire how it looks.

4. The VIHALS 6-drawer dresser

Going back to dressers featuring six drawers, the wall-mounted VIHALS unit is available for just under $260 at IKEA and is ideal for anyone looking for a impressively clean-looking, monochromatic white piece to complement a chic, minimalistic space. A great option for safety-first shoppers, more than one of this dresser's drawers won't open simultaneously until the item is successfully secured to the wall to prevent dangerous incidents. Despite allegedly being somewhat difficult to assemble according to some reviews, most customers love the value, quality, look, and functionality.

5. The MALM 6-drawer chest

Are you looking for a clothes storage option with six drawers but prefer the item to have more of a classy, longer, stacked structure than a bulky wider format? Check out the monochromatic white wall-mounted MALM six-drawer chest, selling for around $280 at IKEA. This chest also features a safety-first design that won't let you open multiple drawers simultaneously unless they're on the same column, like the top two drawers. A lot of customers enjoy this product, noting that assembly is convenient, while the high-quality item looks and works great.

6. The HEMNES 2-drawer chest

On the other hand, if you're on the hunt for a petite piece to simply store some extra clothing that doesn't fit in your closet, you could use this very well-liked IKEA HEMNES chest in your home. Available for about $150 at IKEA and featuring two striking black knobs to open the drawers, the adorable solid wood HEMNES two-drawer chest will look great next to the bed in a small room. It's no surprise that reviewers gave it glowing reviews for attractiveness, value, and durability, while additionally sharing that installation isn't too challenging.

7. The BRIMNES 4-drawer chest

If a six-drawer design is a little too big but a two-drawer format too small for what you need to store and organize your clothes, a chest with four drawers may give you exactly what you're looking for in terms of space. Consider the top-selling wall-mounted BRIMNES four-drawer chest, which you can buy for nearly $220 at IKEA. The white drawer pulls and translucent front of the highest drawer help this otherwise minimalistic piece stand out. Even though reviewers state that the drawer functionality could be better, most still appreciate the stylish look.

8. The MALM 3-drawer chest

Finally, people who want to store their clothes in three relatively spacious drawers with no unnecessary hardware sticking out should check out the best-selling wall-mounted MALM 3-drawer chest — you can get it for around $150 at IKEA. Featuring the danger-preventing design that stops you from simultaneously opening multiple drawers, this monochromatic chest is a reviewer favorite. It has excellent feedback regarding value, quality, looks, and functionality. The versatile appearance adds to the appeal, making it a trustworthy option for a homeowner looking for a new dresser to spruce up their clothing storage.