Fill In Patchy Garden Areas With A Hardy Perennial That Boasts Pale Pink Flowers

The famous phrase that "nature abhors a vacuum" certainly applies in gardens, as weeds and other unwanted plants can quickly take over any patchy areas where nothing else is growing. If you're dealing with this, then you need a good ground cover for filling in these empty spaces before weeds can. Ground covers do more than just discourage weeds though, as they can also help hold soil in place, preventing erosion.

One of the most charming perennial ground cover options is the lovely Geranium Biokovo (Geranium x cantabrigiense 'Biokovo') which not only spreads to fill out vacant garden areas, but also boasts pale pink flowers and sweet smelling foliage. Geranium Biokovo, also known as Biokovo cranesbills, results from a cross between two hardy perennial geraniums, G. dalmaticum and G. macrorrhizum. Unlike many hybrids, Biokovo cranesbills are naturally occurring and hail from Croatia. Despite not being native to North America, they have not been found to be invasive because, while they do spread, they are easy to remove as needed. Learning how to grow and care for this flowering plant could bring your patchy garden to the next level.

Caring for Biokovo cranesbills

The Biokovo cranesbill is a hardy perennial geranium that, unlike annual geraniums in the genus Pelargonium, should return to flower year after year in USDA zones 5 through 8, with many even surviving winters in regions as cold as USDA zone 4. Biokovo cranesbills are widely available for purchase as bare roots and young plants at garden centers and from online retailers. These plants are so well-loved that they were named The Perennial Plant Association's Perennial Plant of the Year in 2015.

Biokovo cranesbills are not only drought tolerant, often needing to be watered only once or twice a month, but they can also grow in a variety of light conditions from full sun to part shade. If you don't mind lankier plants and fewer flowers, you can even grow them in full shade. Biokovo cranesbills don't have complex soil needs either, thriving in well-drained soil. While Biokovo cranesbills are extremely low-maintenance, they do benefit from regular deadheading, the removal of dead flowers, to keep them looking their best.

Using Biokovo cranesbill in the garden

Thanks to their petite height of 8 inches or less, Biokovo cranesbills are ideal for filling in gaps in front of and around other plants. You won't haven't to worry about them shading out their companions thanks to their small size. Additionally, their flowers, which can begin blooming as early as mid-spring, provide color in the garden while you're waiting for other plants to start flowering and disguise dying foliage from early spring bulbs. They are also a great option for growing under deciduous trees with thick roots, where little else is able to flourish.

Biokovo cranesbills aren't just for flat areas; They're also excellent performers for anyone gardening on a slope, where they can help prevent soil loss and erosion. Consider using them in pollinator gardens as well, where their delicate flowers are sure to attract bees and butterflies. Even better, slugs, deer, and rabbits show little interest in Biokovo cranesbills, so you won't have to worry about your plants being eaten before you can enjoy them.