Why You Should Keep Your Windows And Doors Closed In Extreme Summer Heat

You can follow several tips to keep your mattress cool during toasty summer nights. However, to open your windows and doors or let them stay closed in extreme summer heat is the question of the hour. The answer is that it mostly depends on the difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors. To elaborate, if the temperature is higher indoors than it is outdoors, you'll benefit from cracking the windows and doors. On the contrary, if the outdoor temperature is higher than your summer oasis inside, prevent the cool air from moving outside by keeping the shades drawn and the doors closed.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly 76% of sunlight that hits a dual-pane window transforms into heat upon crossing the threshold of a home. Successfully thwarting the entry of heat into your home means your HVAC system will have to expend less energy to cool your home, considerably lowering your utility bills. Plus, you'll have to run your air conditioner for a significantly less amount of time since closed windows and doors will keep the cool air inside. All that said, it's important to consider the position of the window. For instance, if the windows are west- or north-facing, closing them is necessary to beat the heat. Contrastingly, you should keep your south-facing windows open, or your home might become a sauna.

Reasons to keep your windows and doors closed in extreme summer heat

As mentioned, determine if the temperature inside is higher than outside before opening the doors and windows. However, it can be tricky to notice the difference sometimes. In such cases, use a thermometer — digital or app — to make an informed decision. If this seems like too much work, a rule of thumb is to open the doors and windows early in the day to allow the hot air from inside to move out and cool air to move in. Then, shut them when the sun is burning brightly in the sky (tentatively, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.) to keep the heat out of your home. Again, open them when the sun goes down to promote ventilation and maintain a cool atmosphere inside.

Keep them open if you're considering turning your AC off at night. But this could invite mosquitoes and flies. So, if you're sleeping with an open window, here are tips to keep bugs out all summer long. You must also consider humidity when deciding the fate of your doors and windows. If the weather is incredibly humid, keep the windows and doors closed to prevent the moisture levels in your home from going haywire and inviting mold and mildew. Another crucial factor is your home's insulation. While well-insulated homes can keep the doors and windows closed to beat the oppressive heat, the same isn't true for ones with poor wall and attic insulation.