The Handy Tip That Will Help Prevent Your PVC Glue From Drying Out In Storage

We've all been there — purchasing a fresh can of PVC glue for a project only to find it dried out and useless the next time you need it, making it difficult to repurpose extra PVC pipes or complete other home improvement projects. This is especially frustrating considering that PVC glue typically has a shelf life of three years. The wasted money and the inconvenience are enough to drive anyone up the wall.

But fret no more! We've discovered a simple yet effective tip that will keep your PVC glue fresh for years to come. The secret? Store it upside down! This ingenious hack was shared on TikTok by user @jmg8tor, who demonstrates just how easy it is to implement. "Easiest way to do it, store it upside down, should be good to go," the TikTok user advises. Let's dive into why this tip works and how you can incorporate it into your storage routine to save both time and money.

Why does this method work?

So how does this incredible hack work? When you store PVC glue upside down, you create an airtight seal at the top of the container, which is essential when it comes to PVC glue storage. When the glue is stored upright, air can easily seep in, causing the glue to thicken and dry out over time. By flipping the container, the glue effectively seals the opening with its own weight, minimizing air exposure and preserving its consistency. 

As long as the lid is sealed properly, your glue should stay nice and runny for years to come. TikTok user @jmg8tor also shares some advice for providing the container with an extra layer of protection. "You can even take some plumbing tape and wrap it around the threads of this lid before you tighten it down," he suggests. The TikTok user says that with this handy trick, your PVC glue can last well up to five years. This allows you to repair a leaking pipe or join PVC pipes and fittings without worrying about whether or not your glue has dried out.

Other ways to keep your PVC glue from drying out

While storing PVC glue upside down is a highly effective tip, there are several other strategies you can use to extend its shelf life. One useful practice is to store your PVC glue in a cool, dry place. Temperature extremes can greatly impact the longevity and effectiveness of PVC glue, and it is important to store the product within the recommended temperature range to ensure the best quality. For example, Sluyter recommends storing solvent cement products in the shade between 40 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

While there isn't any scientific research to support the hack, some DIYers have found that using a vacuum sealed bag or a sandwich bag with all of the air squeezed out will keep the glue in usable condition. Similar to the clever vacuum sealer hack that keeps wet paint brushes from drying out, this practice reduces the amount of air that comes into contact with the glue. 

If you use PVC glue regularly, you may want to transfer a tiny amount to a smaller container for daily use. This way, the main container is opened less frequently and is therefore exposed to less air. Just make sure that the secondary container is equipped with an airtight seal.