Joanna Gaines Says This Nature-Inspired Color Is Perfect For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a great focal point in your home to incorporate bold color. Brushing on a new shade of paint can revamp the entire space and breathe new life into your kitchen. Joanna Gaines, the queen of the modern farmhouse interior design, has the perfect earthy color to do just that. "At the moment, I'm really drawn to fresh botanical shades, like Magnolia Green," Gaines told Country Living. "... I think it would be [a] fun choice for kitchen cabinets, or anywhere that needs a touch of nature."

Green is one of Gaines' favorite colors, so it is no surprise that the hue is her pick for bringing nature into the kitchen cabinets. This preferred mix of blue and yellow comes from her Magnolia interior paint collection and might be worth a sample if you want to decorate your home like Gaines or give your kitchen a pop of color. To best style Magnolia Green on your cabinets, you want to pick the right paint finish and a design that suits your cabinet style.

Magnolia Green cabinets are Joanna Gaines-approved

Earthy greens are ​paint colors that can make your kitchen look expensive without the cost, so Joanna Gaines was on to something with covering your cabinets in Magnolia Green. If you're a big fan of color, try decorating all the upper and lower cupboards in this nature-inspired shade. It can add a sense of freshness and depth to your space. Your cabinet style can also impact how the color can be incorporated in the kitchen. For paneled-style cupboards, you can add the green just to the interior face or border rail to create a unique pattern. While Gaines approved this color for all your cabinets, you can always just paint the wall or base cupboards to gently incorporate the green in your kitchen. Since it is an earthy tone, it will go well with other neutral cabinet colors, like brown or gray. Magnolia Green also complements most metal hardware, like brass and stainless steel, so don't worry about changing the handles. 

Choosing the wrong finish is a mistake you want to avoid when painting your kitchen cabinets. High gloss paint finishes are best because they are the easiest to clean. Magnolia Green only comes in eggshell, matte, and satin sheens, so the latter will be your go-to for decorating the cabinetry. Further, the satin finish is durable and can hide minor imperfections. The cabinets will look stellar and stand up to the wear of a busy kitchen.