Reuse An Old Wheelbarrow To DIY A Beautiful Outdoor Water Fountain

A water feature is an instant upgrade to any outdoor space. Whether it's a built-in feature with waterfalls or a simple above-ground pond that attracts wildlife, water features bring elegance and tranquility to your garden. However, installing a pond might be tricky on a DIY budget, so here's a space-saving, budget-saving option to consider if you're looking to transform your lawn: a water fountain. All you need is a few square feet of space and an old wheelbarrow you'd like to repurpose. With those key ingredients, this DIY wheelbarrow fountain will elevate any lawn or garden into a peaceful haven your neighbors will envy. 

To make this happen, start by picking out an old wheelbarrow. If you don't have one to spare, you can get one for as low as $79 at Home Depot, but you might want to check out Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone local is looking to lose an old wheelbarrow — they're often given away for free, or at very little cost. Make sure you have a tarp or plastic sheet to serve as a liner for your fountain. Next, you'll want some river rocks or pea gravel as the base that goes over the liner. You can grab a bag of decorative stones for anywhere from $5.98 to $12.98 at Lowes, depending on the color you like. Finally, you'll need an electric pond fountain pump. Lowe's has one for just $23.98, and it's the perfect size for a wheelbarrow fountain.

Your yard can boast an inexpensive outdoor water fountain in a few easy steps

Once you've gathered the supplies for your outdoor water fountain, you'll need to pick the perfect spot for the new feature. You'll want a place with an outdoor electric outlet to hook up the pond pump, so keeping the fountain close to a house, deck, or shed is ideal. Position the wheelbarrow, making sure that it is stable and steady. You wouldn't want the fountain to move once it is all set up. Next, you'll need to place the tarp or liner in the bottom of the wheelbarrow. This will help keep the water in place and prevent either evaporation or damage to the wheelbarrow's surface.

The next step is where your own creativity can come in: decorate your fountain. You should use river rocks or pebbles, either from your own property or purchased from a home improvement store. Some people choose use soil, sticks, twigs, or other items found in a garden to give the water fountain a more natural feel. You can also decorate your water fountain with store-bought items and sculptures. Once your fountain is looking how you want it, fill it with water. Finally and most importantly, install the pond pump according to the product's instructions. The pump not only turns the fountain from a water-filled wheelbarrow into a fountain, but it also makes sure the water doesn't become stagnant. And you don't want to have stagnant water on your property, because it can attract mosquitoes and other bugs.