Turn Wasted Under-Cabinet Space Into A Hidden Bathroom Storage Solution

When it comes to small bathrooms (and let's face it, so many of us are stuck with them), maximizing storage can be a challenging, creative, and absolutely necessary undertaking. However, even the tiniest of bathrooms have some hidden nooks and crannies, perfect to take advantage of for additional storage opportunities. People on social media have shared so many inspiring ideas perfect for adding hidden storage space to a small bathroom, one of which is adding a toe-kick drawer under the bathroom vanity to create storage out of an otherwise wasted space.

That's great, but what exactly is a toe-kick? For base cabinetry that goes all the way to the ground (i.e. no legs or feet), you will see a recessed area between the cabinet and the floor that is typically about four inches high and three inches deep. This is the toe-kick, which is meant to be a place for your toes to go when you are standing close to the cabinet, as well as protect the cabinetry from accidental damage by raising the whole thing off the ground. Therefore, the space inside this riser under the cabinet is completely empty, which is how the shallow toe-kick drawer was born – taking advantage of this otherwise unused space is an ideal solution for creating storage without any additional square footage or furniture. Homeowners have been adding these clever drawers to kitchens for years, so it is time to take this genius storage concept to the bathroom!

The lowdown on bathroom toe-kick drawers

As shown in Tierno Woodworking's Instagram video, a toe-kick drawer is installed in the void under the bathroom vanity, with the drawer front made to blend seamlessly with the existing baseboard. While you can operate these drawers with a drawer pull, often a minimal edge pull to avoid it being visible, many toe-kick drawers use a push-to-open mechanism operated by your foot. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the finish of your vanity, as darker or stained fronts may hold up better to repeated use than light or white finishes.

But why should you install a toe-kick drawer in the bathroom? This shallow drawer would be perfect for storing extra hand towels or washcloths, an overflow of your favorite products, your bathroom scale, cleaning supplies, first aid items, unruly styling irons, and other small bath items. Additionally, since the push-to-open types are very hard to notice, this secret storage area is also ideal for discreetly hiding items you'd prefer guests not to see in order to keep an uncluttered look in bathrooms open to visitors. Because it is located at floor level and isn't the most convenient drawer to reach for, it is best suited for items you grab occasionally, rather than many times a day. It is the perfect solution for homeowners wanting to add a bit more storage without having to invest in another piece of furniture to clutter a small bathroom.

Cost and customizations for your bathroom toe-kick drawer

If you are ready for a toe-kick drawer, the question becomes do you buy or DIY? For a professional to install this hidden drawer, it would run you approximately $150 to $200 or more per drawer, depending on the size, material and configuration of your cabinet, as well as if you are adding new or modifying existing cabinetry. If you would like to save some dough, there are many DIY tutorials that will help you to build your own cabinet drawers for less. There are also ready-to-assemble units available online starting around $100 to simplify the DIY skills required to build a toe-kick drawer for woodworking beginners.

If you are DIYing your toe-kick drawer or are up for modifying a prefab unit, there are ways to further customize your hidden bathroom storage. Add wood dividers to organize small bathroom items or separate linear hair styling tools. If this is a bathroom being used by small children, consider adding a hinged wood lid over the top of the drawer box to create a hidden pull-out step stool for helping kiddos reach the sink and see in the mirror. By hinging the standing platform, it allows you to access the storage space in the drawer underneath. Regardless of what items need a designated storage spot in your home, this hidden vanity toe-kick drawer may be just the thing to level up the functionality of your bathroom.