The Fourth Of July Dollar Tree DIY That Brings Stars & Stripes To Your Patio

What better excuse to host a social gathering in your backyard and show off your amazing barbecue skills than the Fourth of July? However, besides getting the entertaining essentials that are a must for your outdoor space, you must decorate your patio to mark the iconic holiday and set the scene for the day. Thankfully, a relatively effortless Dollar Tree DIY shared by TikTok user @craftedhiveculture will bring some much-needed stars and stripes to your patio.

All you have to do is get a round plastic wastebasket, a few patriotic lunch napkins, a 2-ounce bottle of Mod Podge matte craft adhesive, a four-piece pack of gentle grip green foam floral blocks, and a few units of six-stem patriotic artificial flower bouquets to get your patio holiday ready. The best part, though? You won't have to spend much to decorate for the Fourth of July, as each item costs only $1.25. You'll also need a sharp pair of scissors. 

You'll begin by separating the decorative and white layers from the paper napkin. Then, liberally apply Mod Podge all around the basket, cut the paper napkins to size with scissors, and apply some more craft adhesive on top to ensure the napkins don't come off later. Finally, cut up the foam blocks to fill the basket and put in the faux flower stems to create an eye-catching flower arrangement. You can then add your unique touch to this DIY if you wish.

How to DIY a Fourth of July flower arrangement using Dollar Tree supplies

The easiest way to add a unique Fourth of July floral arrangement to your patio is to dust off your old Dollar Tree American flag hat and carefully arrange white, blue, and red flowers inside. A quick trick is to cover the corners with one type of flower and then add colorful pops of the remaining two. You'll need a significant amount of flowers to stuff the hat full, so ensure you have a few bouquets handy. Feel free to cut off the stems to use individual flowers from the bouquet per your preference.

However, if you don't have a hat lying around, another great idea is to get a patriotic plastic water bottle and discard the twist-on lids and straw. Now, stuff the insides with some decorative shred before pushing in the red, white, and blue flowers through the bottle's narrow opening. Looking for something a bit more opulent for your patio? Grab your wine bucket and fill it up with green foam inserts prior to sprinkling floral moss to hide the foam and sticking in floral garden fern and spider bushes or floral garden artificial greenery bushes. Carefully layer the greenery around the base and don't leave any visible bald spots. Now, grab your Fourth of July-themed flower bouquet, straighten the foliage, and bend the stems to make artificial flowers look real. Place miniature American flags on either side of the bucket to complete the look.