Why You'll Want To Start Using A Coffee Filter To Deodorize Your Home

Coffee might be as important to some people as water. It might even be the first drink you reach for in the morning over H20. Being an avid coffee drinker has its advantages, and they aren't just health-related. If you use drip coffee makers, there are a number of creative ways to use coffee filters outside of just making a cup of joe. For example, you can use coffee filters as dryer sheets and deodorizers. These breathable paper pieces are made to allow the flavor of your coffee grounds through, so it should be no surprise they can also act as a sachet which can be filled with scented material and placed throughout your home to make it smell fresh. While these make great refrigerator deodorizers when filled with baking soda, you can also take this idea and add coffee grounds to help lift smells out of your drawers, cupboards, or even your stinkier footwear!

Your standard coffee filters are usually made of paper which is absorbent enough to keep oils and sediment from seeping out, but thin enough that scent can get through and create an easy and budget-friendly deodorizer. You don't need much of whatever ingredient you use, but it's important to make sure you test the DIY sachet somewhere it can't stain to ensure your contents won't ruin anything when placed near them. Baking soda acts as a base in the fridge, but for drawers or other spaces you can also try using rice.

Create your own scented sachets

Once you've filled your scent sachet (aka your coffee filter) with some rice, it's up to you to decide how you want to produce the aroma. Essential oils, lavender buds, or even used coffee grounds can all work as your "scent" producer or neutralizer. For essential oils, you will definitely want to have an absorbent interior (aka the rice or baking soda) to soak up the moisture and release it without staining. You don't need to add more than a few drops at first, then once you are sure the oils won't seep through, you can top up the base as needed.

If you prefer to use coffee grounds, which are known for their deodorizing properties, you can place your filter on a flat surface and add the used grounds to it before tying off the top. You can use string, a rubber band, ribbon, or even twist the top of the filter to keep it closed, but a secure tie is best if you plan to add it to your car, drawers, or inside shoes so the contents don't spill. Replace your scent sachet when you notice the smell has faded or if you see the integrity of the coffee filter shifting. You can also top up the essential oil if you're just using rice! If coffee filters can clean your kitchen, why can't they make your home smell cleaner, or at least nicer, too?