The Controversial Bedding Color Nate Berkus Swears By For A Fresh & Clean Space

Most people want their bedrooms to be an airy, calm oasis where they can unwind after a long day, and the best way to achieve that is through design. There are tons of relaxing bedroom ideas that will put your mind at ease, such as decorating the space in lots of neutrals and adding inviting touches like candles and aromatic diffusers. But arguably, the most important thing you can design in the space is your bed. However, it can be difficult to pick duvet covers and bedsheets that create that inviting atmosphere. That's where the expert advice of designer Nate Berkus comes in. His pick is somewhat controversial: He recommends investing in all-white bedding to create a neat and clean space.

You might be wondering why choosing something as crisp and neutral as white bedding is controversial. It's not so much the color that is the issue, but the high maintenance of it. It can easily yellow from sweat or drool, and can turn dingy and gray in the wash if you don't diligently sort your laundry. It also shows dirt much easier, which can be an issue if you eat on your bed, have kids, or have pets. This can not only become burdensome, but it can also be a waste of money if you like to invest in pricey, quality bedding. However, Berkus believes it's a great design move. Here is why.

It keeps your room as clean as possible

Berkus not only embraces white sheets in clients' houses but also in his own. In his previous home in Los Angeles, the designer chose white bedding for his guest bedroom, which included a crisp white duvet and white sleeping pillows. He broke up the monochrome look by adding Venetian tapestry throw pillows on top, but the majority of the look was all white. "I have to say vintage touches like the handmade pillows made from fabric from Tessiture Bevilacqua Venezia in Italy paired with white sheets just do it for me," he wrote in a Facebook post. Part of the reason he leans into white bedding is because it helps alert you when it's in need of a wash. Some might think the bedding color is high maintenance, but that's what he loves about it.

"Let me tell you something, my friends. You want to see if your sheets are dirty, okay? I'd like to climb into bed that's all white and know that there's nothing on the sheets," he explained in an Instagram Reel. That's why he also uses white in his own bedroom. Knowing you have clean sheets helps put you into a restful state of mind. When explaining why he loves his nighttime routine on Instagram, he said, "Crisp white sheets. I make the bed every morning just so I can have that moment of climbing back into crisp white sheets."

How to keep white bedding clean

If you love the idea of drifting off to a restful sleep in crisp white sheets, then you need to know how to keep your bed linens bright white. The first thing you should do is wash them frequently in order to quickly wash away any stains before they set into the fibers. Aim to launder them at least once a week to rid them of any food or pet stains and whisk away body oils. The next preventative measure is only to wash them with other white items. Mixing them with colors or dark hues will cause the white sheets to gray and become dingy, so it's imperative you only wash them with other whites. 

Another tip for keeping them bright is to pre-soak them in a whitening product before actually washing them. This will help keep them looking newer for longer. Fill your washing machine with warm water and add either borax or OxiClean into the drum. Let your bedding soak in the water for about an hour, and then turn on a regular wash cycle. This will allow the whiteners to remove any yellowing and fight any stubborn stains that a quick wash cycle wouldn't be able to tackle. Afterward, wash them in a regular cycle using either warm or cold water.