​​Here's How Much It'll Cost To Repair Your Shower Door

Glass shower doors can add to your bathroom's elegance, but damage quickly makes them lose their allure. If your shower door is cracked, falling off the hinge, or leaking, you might wonder how much it will cost to repair it. Well, the average price for a typical repair job is $215, but substantial damage can cost you $300 or more. Further, the exact cost for a shower door repair varies based on several factors, including how much damage needs to be fixed and what type of shower door you own.

While repairing your shower door may come with some sticker shock, it can be a small price to pay compared to the potential hospital bills after an injury. If you don't fix your shower door, any chips or cracks in the glass could cause the door to shatter and lead to cuts, scrapes, or even severe injury. While this isn't a super common concern, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that an estimated 2,300 emergency department visits occurred from 2012 to 2016 after an injury due to a shattered glass shower door. Therefore, repairing a broken shower door is a smart decision that will give you peace of mind. Not only that, but repairing your glass shower door could also improve the aesthetics in your bathroom.

DIY vs professional repair costs

Depending on the damage, a DIY repair may be possible for minor issues such as tightening a hinge, repairing small leaks, removing small scratches, or cleaning a shower door's track to help it run smoothly. Light scratches can be removed by gently buffing the glass with a soft cloth and some glass or metal polish for a cost of less than $20. Small leaks can be repaired with new caulk. Tightening a hinge is free (unless you need to purchase a screwdriver), and you can clean your shower door tracks with common household ingredients

However, a DIY repair isn't recommended for major damage even if you're pretty handy. More serious repairs such as fixing large leaks, repairing cracks or chips, or rehanging the door should be handled by a professional. If you have a leak, it may cost $100 for a professional to fix. Chips or cracks in the glass can cost over $300 to repair, and rehanging the door could cost even more. 

To estimate repair costs, you shouldn't only take into consideration the damage but also consider your door's type. Shower door varieties include frameless (no frame enclosure), framed (enclosed with frame), or semi-frameless (partially framed). There are also both sliding shower doors and swinging doors on hinges. All these elements factor into repair costs due to their varying project complexities, so keep your specific door in mind when discussing repair quotes with professionals.

When repair isn't an option

But what if your shower door is unsalvageable? If this is the case, you'll need to replace it completely instead of repairing it. You should replace your shower door if the glass is severely cracked, the frame is rusted, or there's other visible damage that can weaken the door's integrity. Of course, you'll also need to replace it if it shatters. If you need to get it replaced, expect to spend more to restore your bathroom, as the national average cost for a shower door replacement is $732. The more complex the project, the higher the cost you will pay to install a new shower door. A typical estimate from a professional contractor often includes the cost for the new door, labor, and other materials.  

Shower glass costs alone range from $50 to $150 per square foot. Framed shower doors come in standard sizes, which make them more readily available. On the other hand, frameless shower doors may have to be custom-made, with a replacement price tag of over $1,000. Some homeowners may also have left frameless shower doors in the past and instead opted for arched shower entrances. With a curved top, the cost for these trendy doors can also increase due to them typically being custom-made and also possibly being more difficult to install. You may also pay more than anticipated based on the market, the company you hire, and your location.