How To Get Rid Of The Water Bugs Invading Your Pool This Summer

Relaxing by the pool with your family can make for a great summer afternoon, but the good times can all come crashing down if you find that you have a water bug infestation. An icky result of not cleaning your pool regularly is algae growth, and this can invite water bugs to become a resident nuisance. 

A water bug is a common type of insect that is found around the world. While 19 species live in North America alone, there are about 160 species worldwide. Although mosquitoes and other pests are also attracted to moisture and standing water in pools, water bugs are one type that you'll especially want to pay attention to and get rid of. These pests will spend time nesting and laying eggs in your pool, especially if there's algae growth. Two of the most notable types to watch out for include the water boatman and the backswimmer. These water bugs can be particularly bothersome and can take over your pool if the conditions are right. Backswimmers may even bite; their bites are particularly painful and similar to that of a bee sting. 

If you've noticed water bugs in your pool, you can get rid of them by removing any algae, skimming the pool, and using a commercial or DIY insecticide. However, it's best to avoid problems in the first place and to take some preventative measures as well.

How to get rid of water bugs

A key step to getting rid of water bugs is to eliminate all algae growth in your pool. Algae growth is one of the key things that can attract these pests, and if your pool has any, you need to use algaecide or shock the pool with extra chlorine to get rid of it. In addition to microorganisms and other small insects, algae also serves as a great food source for water bugs. Eliminating it will be a great step towards eliminating this pest.

When you notice water bugs, you'll also want to skim the pool. Be sure to grab a pool skimmer and collect any water bugs that you see to get rid of them. For serious cases, you might also want to use an insecticide that is made specifically for bugs that live in the water. However, you'll need to follow the instructions carefully and ensure that you use it safely to prevent harm to you and your family. A simpler trick for eliminating water bugs is to add a small amount of dish soap to your pool. Adding just 1⁄8 of a cup for every 10,000 gallons of water should do the trick nicely without making your pool too soapy. After a day or two, the bugs should be dead, and you can remove them with your pool skimmer.

Preventing water bugs in the first place

To prevent water bugs in the first place, eliminate any standing water that is near your pool. Water bugs will travel from one water source to another, and when standing water is nearby, they'll be more likely to make their way to your pool successfully. Scrubbing and vacuuming the pool area is also important for ensuring your pool remains unfriendly to bugs. Also, regularly check chemical levels and keep them balanced. You should also shock the pool regularly by raising chlorine levels and destroying any contaminants that remain. This can help to make the water safe and free of bacteria, bugs, and algae growth. Once the algae has died off, you'll also need to know the best method for cleaning it out of your pool.

You should also make sure to run your pump between six and eight hours every day, clean your pool filter and pump regularly, and skim the pool every day. Following these good habits and taking care of your pool will help to prevent water bugs from arriving in the first place and reduce the need to remove them later on. Additionally, you may want to start turning pool lights off at night to prevent attracting bugs. Consider using a pool cover to ensure that water bugs can't easily gain access to the water.