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What Are Cold Plunge Pools? All About The Design Trend Taking Off In 2024

The year may be almost to the halfway point, but the trends and trend predictions continue to pop up, like matte black cabinets and Herringbone design, giving people the opportunity to enhance or upgrade their properties with these interesting and sometimes extremely useful additions. If you're unfamiliar with the idea of cold plunge pools, you wouldn't be alone. Think of an ice bath, but make it luxury. These tubs can range in size and build, with some sitting overground and others actually being installed into the ground of people's yards. Meant to help with muscle recovery and other physical therapy needs, these pools have become incredibly popular over the last few years, with homeowners and renters alike investing in them to use for their health benefits. Now, they seem to be trending as a "must have" home addition, giving people the power to cool down and recover whenever they want without the fuss of setting up the temporary baths (not to mention take them down and clean them).

If you've been curious about cold plunges, or even if this is the first you're hearing about these pools, the science behind them is based around aiding and inducing muscle recovery after intense workouts like HIIT sessions. Athletes and people who tend to live near water in colder climates have always indulged in cold plunging, utilizing the chilly waters to help with other issues like inflammation, too.

The benefits of cold plunge pools

In recent years, influencers have taken to social media to tout other possible benefits of cold plunging. Some say it helps with weight loss, though there are not enough studies currently to conclude this is inarguably true. Limited proof has been found that cold plunges can help with everything from cardiovascular activity to blood sugar regulation, and the case has been made that using these pools enough could potentially lead to weight loss, but studies are still being conducted to determine if all of these are the norm. Regardless, people like the idea of having a way to boost their systems and feel better, which the 50-70 degree Fahrenheit water seems to do for those who try it. 

You can find stand-alone, above ground tubs like this CalmMax Oval Ice Tub from Amazon for just over $100, but some of these do require you to stock the ice and fill them/empty them regularly. You can also DIY a backyard cold plunge pool if you're handy. However, installing a cold plunge pool is likely trending because it offers a less stressful way to enjoy the benefits of the plunge without having to consistently refill and buy ice. These come with a hefty price tag, which is why many luxury homes are incorporating them alongside standard pools and hot tubs.

Luxury pools are an investment, but could be worth the price tag

There are several reasons installing a cold plunge pool is so pricey. First you have to decide what lining you want. There's fiber glass, vinyl, and concrete, each of which offers different pros and cons. Concrete is probably the most expensive because It has to be mixed there on site, then poured directly into the hole created. Concrete filled cold plunge pools can cost between $20,000 to $40,000 depending on size, while fiber glass and vinyl lined pools cost $10,000 to $25,000. These options might not last as long as concrete, which makes this a good option for durability.

The chiller that works to keep the temperatures at the correct level needs to be housed to protect it from the elements, since these pools don't need ice to be added if you opt to install this device. In-ground pools also need filtration, an added cost. There are several ways to incorporate a cold plunge pool in your yard, and if an underground version doesn't suit your budget, you can still opt for an overground that matches your aesthetic. Wooden tubs and other designs can easily look luxury without such a large price tag. If you want to indulge in this trend, research your options, because this trend only seems to be getting more popular as studies continue to show the benefits of these pools.