DIY Pool Noodles Into The Perfect Photo Backdrop For Summer Parties

What do summer and DIY crafters have in common? Pool noodles, of course. There are a bunch of ingenious pool noodle hacks to use around the house; this time, we're doing one to step up your summer parties. A photo backdrop is a fun way to cement memories and have an activity everyone can enjoy. Plus, it's way cheaper than renting a photo booth. This is a super easy project that can be completed in one afternoon. You only need pool noodles, a foam board, a utility knife, and heavy-duty glue.

You can get pool noodles in various colors for a patterned backdrop or keep things simple with one hue. The foam board should be your desired size for the background. You can also use flattened cardboard boxes or skip the board and design your backdrop directly onto the wall. If going the latter route, you'll want to prep the wall with a plastic sheet or painters tape to easily remove the backdrop once the photoshoot is finished. Although with such a chic project, it might become a permanent decoration.

Use pool noodles to create magazine-worthy pictures

There are only a few steps to transform your backyard into a party space with this pool noodle DIY. First, you need to cut the pool noodles lengthwise with a utility knife. Then, glue the foam pieces to the board. Finally, mount the photo backdrop. All the fun is in arranging the noodles in whatever pattern you like to make the prop picture-worthy. You can glue the pool noodles horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or mix and match all three. Cut the noodles into thirds and stick them in a chevron or herringbone pattern for something unique. You can even bend the pool pieces to shape them into arcs, circles, squiggles, and other funky shapes. To decorate your photo backdrop even more, consider adding balloons, ribbons, or flowers around the edges.

Once the backdrop is complete, mount the board to a wall in a picture-friendly area using adhesive hooks or tape. A spot with good lighting should do the trick. You can even use a few sturdy boxes as a kickstand and lean the board against it, instead of adhering the backdrop to a wall. Now, your guests have a cute place to take pictures and immortalize your fabulous hosting skills. Plus, when the party's over, you can repurpose your backdrop in stylish pool noodle home decor.