How Hilary Farr Incorporates Trendy Green Into A Classic Bathroom

As the "love it" half of the popular HGTV show "Love It or List It," designer Hilary Farr is no stranger to transforming her clients' existing square footage to make it feel modernized, function better, and seem larger. The key to doing so is for Farr to fine-tune the room's layout with smart space planning to maximize functionality and then choose finishes to support that contemporary, expansive feeling. While we've learned many priceless bathroom design tips from Hilary Farr, in Season 12, Episode 10 of "Love It or List It," she shows fans how to perfectly showcase a trending green color in a small shower to give the space a major aesthetic upgrade (in addition to her signature functional improvements).

Green is everywhere right now, and for good reason. The versatile color in its wide variety of shades has its roots in nature, giving a calming, harmonious, and earthy vibe to any space. Farr chose to use a mint green glass tile to brighten up the small shower, which looks clean and provides a nice colorful contrast to all of the other bright white finishes in the room. Her smart use of a fresh pop of trending green color on a unique glass tile material brings this small bathroom from drab to fab, making it feel updated and about 10 times larger!

Green glass tile is timeless, tranquil, and easy to clean

So why is Hilary Farr's green glass tile the perfect color and material to liven up this small bathroom? Despite its trending status, green is one of the most timeless bathroom tile colors thanks to its soothing vibes and connection to the outdoors. Greens add visual interest with a natural and down-to-earth pop of color. Farr's particular shade of clean-feeling minty green has a serene water aesthetic, with the hue being reminiscent of Caribbean oceans or sea glass (thus why the glass tile material is a great pick for this hue). If you're not going for a particularly coastal feel, using a more muted gray-green tile brings more land-based natural images to mind, like zen mountains, fields, and forests.

"It's like you somehow took this space and magically made it feel so much bigger," the pleased homeowner told Farr, whose use of the glass tile material is a smart design decision in a small bathroom used by teenagers. From a functionality perspective, glass tiles are the perfect low-maintenance option for a shower since they are super easy to clean. Because they are waterproof and have a smooth surface, they help avoid mildew buildup and are easy to wipe down with little scrubbing. However, where glass tiles really sparkle is in their lovely aesthetic. Because they are translucent and reflect natural light in the space, they create a subtle tranquil shimmer that feels sparking clean. Combining the green hue with the glass material gave Farr's bathroom transformation the light and airy refresh it needed.