Turn Dollar Tree Glass Jars Into The Cutest Countertop Storage Solution

If you've ever tried to organize your home while sticking to a strict budget, you know how difficult this task can be. The price for organizational items like bins, baskets, and decorative jars can add up fast, and you may not want to spend that much money to get your home orderly. However, sometimes organizational products are a necessity. This is especially true when tidying up a space with lots of tiny items like a sewing closet or a craft room. Without these products, we'd surely lose all those miniscule pieces. Well, if you're crafty, then why not make your own inexpensive glass jar countertop storage solution out of items from Dollar Tree? You'll simply place three jars on a wooden base and decorate or label them however you desire.

To begin this project, you'll need three jars with flat bottoms and sides from Dollar Tree that cost $1.25 each. Traditionally used as cookie jars, they can be attached to one another and to a wooden base to create one large organizational piece. Alternatively, if you are looking for ways to repurpose old jars around your house, you could use any other types of jars instead. You'll also need a wooden tray, which could be repurposed from a Dollar Tree Plywood Hanging Sign that costs $1.25. On top of that, to decorate this piece, you could use items like knobs, contact paper, and spray paint. This is a fun project that lets you get creative.

Creating your glass jar storage solution

Creating this glass jar storage solution is incredibly simple. Start by laying down your wooden piece on a flat surface. If it has a string to hang it on the wall, you can go ahead and cut that off. You could also decorate it with contact paper, available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 in many patterns and colors, or even paint. Then, attach your three jars to one another and to the wooden base with a strong glue like E-6000, available at Walmart for about $4. Alternatively, if you'd rather keep the jars mobile and not glue them to anything, you don't have to attach them to the base — just simply place the jars on the wooden piece and use it like a tray. If desired, you can spray paint the lids with Rust-Oleum, which you can purchase from Walmart for under $6.

Then, all that's left to do is add your decorative items. To make the lids even easier to open, you could attach knobs to the middle of each one with E-6000. While any knobs could be used, Lowe's sells two packs of basic wooden ones for $2 that you could paint or stain to your liking. You could also label each of the lids with the name of whatever specific item you plan to store inside the jar. This could be done with a permanent marker, a label maker, or some tape and a pen.

Ways to use this storage solution around your home

This organizer is extremely versatile and can be used in a large number of ways around the home. Really, all you need is a flat surface to display it on and some small items to put in each jar. For instance, in your sewing room, you could store spools of thread, buttons, and needles in the jars. Or, at your present wrapping station, try separating extra ribbon pieces, washi tape, and labels. To organize your desk in your home office, separate out rubber bands, paper clips, and binder clips. In the bathroom, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and hair ties or pins could be placed in each jar to help you organize your vanity.

You could even use your new storage solution in the kitchen. If you have a coffee station, try putting small coffee pods, tea bags, and honey packets or sugar packets inside the jars. A small snack station could be created by placing items such as mini granola bars or fruit snack packs into the jars, where they will be kept nice and fresh. On the counter, why not try placing your most-used spices inside the jars for a nice colorful addition to your kitchen (you could always use more than just three jars if you want to display more spices). We also love the idea of utilizing this handy storage solution in your laundry room: Try storing detergent pods, clothespins, and scent beads with a small scoop in your jars.