Kill Bugs In Your Pool Naturally With A Cleaning Ingredient You Have On Hand

A swimming pool can be a lot of fun to hang out in during the hot summer months, but as a water source, it has the potential to attract bugs. In addition to keeping common pests and mosquitoes away from your pool, you'll also need to be wary of water bugs as well. Water bugs, insects that live in the water, can be particularly troublesome. They can nest in the pool, lay eggs, and even bite. In addition to water, algae growth tends to attract water bugs and other insects as well, so it's important to prevent it from growing in your pool. Algae growth in a pool is one of the top signs that it's in dire need of a cleaning

You should aim to prevent water bugs by performing proper pool maintenance and keeping the chemicals balanced, but if you're already experiencing issues, there are ways to quickly eliminate these pests. To get rid of water bugs fast, consider using dish soap. Dish soap functions as a surfactant and will reduce the surface tension of your pool's water. This will trap the pests, causing them to drown or simply repel them. While you may feel a little odd adding dish soap to your pool, it won't cause problems with the water composition as long as you don't use too much. You'll only be adding enough to kill insects, and the soap will remain strongly diluted due to how much water is in your pool.

Using dish soap to keep your pool free from bugs

To use dish soap to kill water bugs, you'll simply need to add a bit to your pool and let it do its job. Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is a good choice to consider, but any type of dish soap will do. You should aim to add about 1/8 cup per every 10,000 gallons of pool water to ensure that it's enough to kill insects while remaining sufficiently diluted. 

After you add the soap, you'll simply need to wait. Within a day or two, you'll notice that the bugs in your pool are beginning to die off. You can then let your pool filter automatically do its job to remove the dead bugs. However, you'll likely also want to use a skimmer or follow a manual method for vacuuming your pool to remove any remaining dead insects that you see.