The Super Glue Removal Trick That Calls For A Popular Fruit From Your Kitchen

Super glue can be a very useful adhesive to have when working on projects around the home and can mend a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, stone, paper, and more. Super glue is perhaps the best glue to have on hand for unexpected home repairs. However, accidents do happen, and it can be problematic when it accidentally gets onto your skin, surfaces, or other unintended objects. Fortunately, despite its reputation, removing super glue isn't as difficult as you might expect. You can remove it with a simple item that you probably already have in your kitchen: lemon juice. 

There are many household uses for lemon juice, and it can also help you remove super glue with ease. The citric acid of the lemon juice helps to loosen the glue by reacting with the cyanoacrylate compounds within it. You may want to try using this ingredient if you need to remove super glue from your skin, countertops, or other objects.

How to remove super glue using lemon juice

To remove super glue using this non-conventional household cleaning item, you'll simply need to squeeze a lemon until you have a decent amount of juice or buy lemon juice from the store. You'll then need to mix the lemon juice with water in equal amounts. Then simply apply the mixture to your skin, a countertop, or any other location where you've accidentally added super glue. When applying lemon juice, a cotton swab can work well. You may also want to try using an old toothbrush for extra scrubbing power.

Another method for removing super glue with lemon juice is to soak the affected object. If that happens to be your fingers, try adding neat lemon juice to a bowl and then soaking your hands for about 10 minutes. Then, you can rub the super glue residue with a dry towel to remove it completely. This can work well for removing super glue from hands, but may not be practical for removing it from large objects.