Why You Should Consider Leaving A Jar Of Cinnamon Sticks On Your Kitchen Counters

Cinnamon is usually associated with wintertime since the spice feels warming and goes well with cold-weather baking and hot drinks. But you shouldn't let your cinnamon sticks lay dormant in your spice drawer this summer because the ingredient can be used to help protect against a common problem most of us during the warmer months: Pests. Not many people realize that cinnamon can do more for us than provide flavor to food. The spice acts as a natural pest repellent, making it a safe, and nice-smelling way to keep insects and rodents away from kitchens. Studies have shown that cinnamon can effectively repel, and even kill, some types of insects. 

This is because the spice is collected from tree bark and contains a chemical compound called eugenol, which is often used in bug sprays. Insect intrusion often picks up over the summer months and no one wants bugs living in their homes, so finding safe and natural repellents without harsh chemicals included is a must. While cinnamon will repel many types of insects, including ants, flies, wasps, and weevils, the spice is also effective in keeping away rodents and other larger pests such as rats, raccoons, and even snakes. Suffice it to say, there are many ways you can use cinnamon to deter household pests

Using cinnamon to repel household pests

You can use cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon and cinnamon essential oil to keep pests away. The simplest solution for your kitchen is to leave cinnamon sticks out on the countertop. This can stop bugs from crawling around your cooking space when you're not watching. And if there are any mice finding ways into your kitchen overnight, cinnamon sticks may prevent them from sneaking up onto the countertops. This same idea works for keeping rodents or snakes out of your outdoor storage spaces. Leave a few cinnamon sticks out in your garage or storage shed to keep these pests from making a home where you don't want them. Another option would be to soak cotton balls in cinnamon essential oil and leave these wherever you see traces of rodent intrusion.

If you'd like to get even more crafty with your cinnamon usage, TikTok user @brunchwithbabs offers several suggestions. You can sprinkle ground cinnamon in the bottom of your outdoor trash cans to repel rodents and keep raccoons out, and the same advice can keep bugs out of your kitchen garbage. Leave cinnamon sticks in a fruit bowl to keep fruit flies out of your kitchen. She also shares a recipe for homemade bug spray using two teaspoons of cinnamon with four cups of warm water, half a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, and half a teaspoon of dish detergent.