Try This All-Natural Method To Deodorize And Refresh Throw Pillows In A Snap

With so many chores to keep up with, it is easy to overlook the task of washing your throw pillows. Although it may seem unnecessary, your decorative couch cushions are probably not as clean as you think. Over time, throw pillows accumulate all kinds of bacteria and trapped odors, especially with kids and pets at home. Generally, you should be cleaning your throw pillows every three to six months, but it varies depending on how often they're used. Thankfully, natural solutions like baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils will deodorize your pillows and restore them to excellent condition. 

Whether your throw pillows could use a quick refresh or a more vigorous deep clean, these methods are both simple and effective. However, before you start cleaning, there are some necessary preliminary steps. These include testing the material to prevent damage and knowing what cleaning solutions to avoid. Many decorative fabrics cannot be washed with water; instead of doing more harm than good, get familiar with the fabric of your throw pillows so you can give them the right kind of TLC. 

Natural solutions to refresh and deodorize your throw pillows

With a few simple household staples, you can remove stuck odors from your throw pillows and give them a much-needed refresh. When it comes to lifting unpleasant smells on fabric, you won't find a better duo than baking soda and vinegar. The alkalinity of baking soda and the acetic acid of vinegar are both effective at neutralizing odors. Sprinkle about a ¼ cup of baking soda on your pillows and give it several hours to absorb — just be sure to vacuum the pillows beforehand to remove excess dirt and dust. Also be sure to rub the baking soda into the fibers of the pillow. Once the baking soda has sat for your intended amount of time, go back over with a vacuum to suck up the excess.

To deodorize your pillows in a snap, fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and one part water. Mist both sides of the pillow and allow it to air dry; both the smell of your throw pillow and the vinegar will evaporate, removing odor altogether. You can use this solution to deodorize your area rugs and carpets as well.

Now that the odors have been eliminated, you can infuse your pillows with freshness using essential oils. Make your own pillow mist using a variety of essential oil combinations. Lemon and peppermint are a refreshing pair, eucalyptus and tea tree are more nature-inspired, and lavender with chamomile creates a soothing calm vibe. Combine your desired oils with water in a spray bottle and mist your couch and pillows as desired.

Other easy ways to keep your throw pillows smelling fresh

There are many things you can do to keep bad odors at bay. One simple solution is to simply place your pillows out in the sun. Sunlight is an all-natural ingredient you need to remove musty odors; UV rays have antimicrobial properties that help reduce odors caused by bacteria. So, if you don't have baking soda or vinegar on hand, some natural sunshine may just do the trick.

If your pillows could use some serious TLC, you may need a solution that is a step-up from basic kitchen staples. One option is to wash your throw cushions with water and upholstery shampoo. First, test-clean your pillow with a white cloth to ensure that the dye will not transfer or fade during the cleaning process. Once it's safe to proceed, clean the pillow by applying shampoo and water onto a sponge, then dry it with a towel.

It's worth mentioning that there are several types of fabrics that you shouldn't clean with water. These include velvet, suede, velour, silk, leather, and wool. Throw pillow covers made from these materials have specific care instructions that you'll need to become familiar with before attempting to clean them yourself.