Hilary Farr Says To Pay Attention To This Overlooked Feature On Your Countertops

There are so many finishes, features, and options you need to choose when renovating a kitchen that you can get totally lost in your to-do list. You have to make a decision on everything from cabinet handles to grout color, so it can be easy to rush selections when it comes to some of the finer details. But according to HGTV designer Hilary Farr, there is one thing that you shouldn't overlook when finalizing your plans, and that is countertop edge styles. When choosing your countertop slab — whether it's granite, marble, or quartz — your fabricator will ask you what kind of edge design you would like. And according to Farr, your answer will help set the tone of your kitchen. 

"[Countertops] really can define a kitchen as much as any other element in it," she said during Season 1, Episode 5 of "Tough Love" (via HGTV on YouTube). If you want a minimalist kitchen, you will likely choose either white marble or quartz, or if you want something farmhouse chic, you might even consider butcherblock countertops. But as important as the material and color of your counter is, its edging will help make it look more finished, thought-out, and refined. Farr explains how below.

Countertop edges can help define your design theme

Giving thought to your countertop edge profile is one of the kitchen renovation tips Hilary Farr swears by. According to the designer, the type of edge you choose can help lock in your kitchen theme. Much like how you would choose certain handle pulls or cabinet door styles to further reinforce your chosen style, you also want to select the countertop edge that best aligns with your preferred look. When Supply House Times asked her how important the edge selection was to the design process, she responded with "very important." Hilary Farr went on to explain, "The selection of edges can define the design aesthetic you want and creates interest to the countertop."

While it might not be the first thing you notice upon entering a beautiful kitchen, the right edge profile will help convey a cohesive theme because it allows "you to put that finishing touch on your kitchen design," according to Farr. Much like how you wouldn't choose a traditional, rustic terra cotta backsplash tile for an industrial kitchen, you wouldn't choose a traditional edge detail for it either. One such example is the ogee edge, which has an S-shaped curve that is typically found in fancier, embellished kitchens. Not sure which countertop edge would fit your style best? We break them down below.

The different types of countertop edges

When considering different edge profiles, it's helpful to know which ones fit your chosen style best. For instance, if you want something minimalistic or contemporary, look at either straight edge, eased edge, or quarter round counters. These have minimal details and no grooves, making them less fussy. If you like a more traditional look, consider a beveled edge, ogee profile, or a bullnose edge, which have more intricate details. 

Straight countertop edges look like they were sliced from the slab — they have a linear, boxy cut without any decorative grooves or rounded details. Since they aren't very ornamental, these styles feel contemporary, modern, and minimalistic. Similarly, eased countertop edges are the same as straight edges, just their sharp edges are softened by some subtle rounding. The quarter round takes that detail one step further — it's a straight edge countertop with the top rounded like a quarter. These are also the countertop edges that are easiest to clean. A beveled profile has a 45-degree angle slope at the top of the counter edge, creating an elegant swoop and making it ideal for traditional designs. Finally, the half bullnose edge has a straight bottom but a very rounded top, creating a softer-looking slab.