Use IKEA's Magnetic Board To Hide Unsightly Wall Scuffs & Keep You Organized

Keeping your home looking great can be a difficult task, especially when forces like dented walls and scuffed paint are working against you. You could expend time, money, and energy patching and painting over these unsightly portions of your walls, but the reality is that this approach is a losing battle. Sometimes it's not worth agonizing over every little cosmetic flaw in your house, especially if you have children and animals conspiring to undermine your efforts. But rather than throwing up your hands and throwing in the towel, you can get creative covering up the problem areas that you want to conceal.

IKEA's SVENSÅS magnetic memo board is an ingenious way to cover any portions of the wall that have been damaged over time. Its affordable price point ($13.99) makes purchasing easy to justify, and you can have your pick of a white or a blackboard depending on your design preferences. Its magnetic capabilities provide you with a large surface to attach papers and photos to, converting otherwise dead space into usable storage instantly and freeing up your surfaces of paper and other clutter at the same time. If you're a fan of chalkboards, the black SVENSÅS is also compatible with chalk or liquid chalk pens.

How to conceal flaws in your walls using the SVENSÅS

The easy-to-mount SVENSÅS makes covering up unsightly areas of your wall simple and the number of applications endless. You can effortlessly cover up flaws such as peeling paint or holes in the wall that are difficult to repair and repaint. Additionally, the measurements of the SVENSÅS make it large enough for concealing bigger wall-mounted hardware that you cannot move, like an electrical panel in the corner of your kitchen, or old, unused ethernet ports or other outlets that taint your otherwise crisp wall.

Another benefit of using the SVENSÅS for hiding portions of the wall is that it can be easily removed if you need to access whatever is behind it. And, if you feel that the relatively plain SVENSÅS is a little uninspired with its minimalistic design, there are numerous options to elevate the magnetic board's appeal, including covering it with pretty fabric or contact paper to more seamlessly integrate it into your personal style.

Other creative around-the-house uses for the SVENSÅS

Since IKEA's SVENSÅS is kind of a blank canvas, it's easy to use in any context. The magnetic board can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs, and you can mix and match both black and white versions, essentially creating a gallery wall of practical magnetic spaces. Mount one in the kitchen where you can use it as an erasable grocery list (snap a photo on your smartphone to eliminate copying the list down on paper, effortlessly saving the environment in the process). The SVENSÅS is also an ideal product for a household command center since you can use it to keep on top of appointment reminders or tasks, by leaving a note for your partner to take the trash cans to the curb or feed the dogs for instance.

For more creatively-minded purposes, adorn the magnetic memo boards with photos of your loved ones and cherished memories, which can be easily swapped out for new favorites as the years progress. The magnetic feature also makes it a perfect place for your kiddos' artwork. As most children are quite proficient in their creations, you can display a piece for a week and then swap it out when a new masterpiece arrives. It can also make a great workstation for your child to practice their writing or to play with magnetic toys. With both functional and decorative potential, the SVENSÅS is a practical addition to any home.