Freshen Up Your Musty Closet With An Unexpected Kitchen Staple

In the grand scheme of things, a musty closet might not be a cause for concern. After all, who has the time to tackle the odor when you have 1,324 other tasks demanding your attention? However, if you have begun dreading opening the doors to your closet or usually pinch the bridge of your nose to avoid inhaling the musty smell inside, it's time to take action and banish the smell from your space once and for all. Thankfully, tea bags are up for the task and will keep your closet smelling fresh.

Unlike artificial fragrances and sprays that mask the musty smell for a short while, tea leaves suck up and offset the odor-causing bacteria. This ability is largely due to the tannins present. But before grabbing a few tea bags, it's important to pinpoint the reason behind the smell. Generally, a lack of ventilation causes dark and cramped spaces like closets to develop an unpleasant stench. Accumulation of dust and damp clothes and shoes worsen the situation. So, if it's been some time since you cleaned your closet, make this a priority. There are a few mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your closet, like not dumping out its contents. Now, analyze if your clothes or shoes are the culprit. If yes, put them in the washing machine. Otherwise, look for signs of mold and mildew and deal with the issue accordingly. But if it's neither, get ready to freshen up your musty closet with tea bags.

How to use tea bags to freshen a musty closet

There are two ways you can freshen up your musty closet with tea bags. The first option is to grab a few tea bags of your choice — black and green both work — and place them in the closet. You can even hang them from one of your clothes hangers or closet rods. That's it. The bags will need around a day (or two if the musty smell is quite strong) to neutralize the foul odor.

The number of tea bags will depend on the stench. A rule of thumb is to start with two to three bags and adjust the quantity based on the results. Over time, you'll begin noticing a slight tea-like smell wafting from the closet, so use tea bags you like the fragrance of. Remember, you'll have to replace the bags every few weeks to keep your closet smelling fresh.

If you drink tea religiously and have a few used bags lying around, don't throw them out. The second method entails repurposing used tea bags around your home. The caveat? You must completely dry the wet bags. This step is essential to inhibit mold growth and prevent the wet leaves from staining your clothes. Once dry, use them as directed above. However, if you want the bags to deodorize your closet instead of simply getting rid of the musty odor, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oils to the bag before hanging it up.