The Top-Rated Home Depot Grass Seed According To Reviews

When it comes to grass seed, going straight to customer opinions to decide which brand and selection will serve your lawn needs most efficiently can save you a lot of time, and probably money, too. In the case of Home Depot's stock, relying on reviews could save you a lot of time and money, and it appears that Turf Builder Sun and Shade mix has come out on top among competitors, with over 1800 reviews and 80% of customers giving the thumbs up and recommending this brand.

Grass seed can help create a thick, lush lawn, and the many 4 and 5-star reviews from Turf Builder on the Home Depot website express satisfaction with the product. Each 16-pound bag costs $79.97, but you might need a few to cover your lawn. The website specifically notes that this particular product is for northern lawns, meaning it might not be as effective if you live in a southern state with a warm climate. Learning the best time to plant grass seed in the Midwest can help you make the most of the product. The website promises results in 5-12 days and says it works in sun, shade, and drought.

4-stars overall and some satisfied customers

Key elements to look for when purchasing grass seed include purity and crop, which indicate how much of the bag contains the seed you're after, and germination, which is the percentage of seed that's expected to sprout. These are only a few factors of course, and reviews on Home Depot's site noted that Turf Builder had a high rate of germination, saying their grass grew in quickly after applying a lot of water. More reviewers explained that the seed was easy to spread, and said new grass sprouted between a week and two weeks after adding the initial cover.

The mix promises deep root growth and a stronger overall lawn, which positive reviews have noted is accurate. More positive comments say that the grass does in fact grow in a variety of weather conditions, which is good for anyone who lives in northern areas of the U.S. that may experience hot or cold bouts, inclement weather, or lots of rain. There are always other tasks you can complete ahead of adding seeds to help your grass grow, like pulling weeds before planting new seeds and encouraging growth with fertilizer. 

Others had little success, but overall a good choice

Reviews do mention having to water frequently, so you will likely need to ensure you don't have water limitations during the summer months if that's when you try to start growing. Always check the instructions to determine whether a particular seed product is right for your lawn. As with most products, there are two sides to every opinion. While many found this seed helpful, there are a fair amount of reviewers who did not see any benefits. Some people commented that they did not get any sprouts or germination and that their lawn is still bare despite following instructions. Others said it grew in certain areas of the yard but not everywhere, and a few noted that they used to see great results but recent purchases had been a letdown.

While the bad reviews can obviously deter people Turf Builder comes in at 4 stars compared to the next highest-rated product with 3.8, which means this seed certainly seems like the best option available. No product can work 100% of the time when it comes to growing something from the earth, but this has a high success rate.