The Fast-Growing Vine That'll Add Deep Fragrance And Color To Your Yard

The key to a beautiful garden is to have lots of plants, especially mature ones, as older, larger plants can help a garden look more established and feel more private. But mature plants don't come easily, normally requiring lots of time to grow or money to purchase already-matured ones. Thankfully, there's a faster way to get the established, secluded look of a mature plant: adding a fast-growing flowering vine. 

There is one fast-growing plant in particular that can quickly spread through your garden called summer cascade wisteria. This native plant is actually a flowering climbing vine that can spread over a trellis or fence to create lots of privacy and bring plenty of color to your garden. Summer cascade wisteria blooms in early summer, and it blossoms in individual flowers with a deep, purple color and a rich fragrance, so it can keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and smelling great too. 

Summer cascade wisteria is good for your garden

Summer cascade wisteria can enhance your garden in several ways. This fast-growing plant is deer resistant so it won't get nibbled on by local wildlife — it's a great border plant for this reason. Plus, wisteria's fragrant blooms also attracts pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies that help keep the rest of your garden healthy. Try planting wisteria near a few fruits and veggies to boost their chance of pollination.

But one of the best ways to continue attracting native wildlife to your garden is through the inclusion of native plants. That's why it's so important that summer cascade wisteria, aka Wisteria macrostachya 'Betty Matthews,' is actually native to parts of North America. Consider choosing this variety of wisteria, rather than Japanese or Chinese varieties, as these non-native plants may be considered invasive as they can take over your garden and overwhelm neighboring plants. 

How to plant summer cascade wisteria

Summer cascade wisteria grows in USDA hardiness zones four through eight, and it needs either full sun or partial shade. Wisteria will also need regular watering, especially in the first year after you plant it. This vine also requires regular pruning to make sure its pretty flowers keep blooming and to control any unwanted growth.

Another important factor to consider when planting summer cascade wisteria is a support system, as, like with any vine, it needs something to hold onto. Summer cascade wisteria can reach heights up to 25 feet, so giving the plant a strong, tall support is a good way to get the most growth out of it. You have plenty of options to support your vine, though the most common choices are planting it along a fence or trellis. Don't have any fences or trellises? You can also make a DIY trellis