The Viral TikTok Hack For Cleaning Your Microwave Door (But Is It Safe?)

If you've taken a look through #CleanTok, there's a good chance you've seen the viral videos demonstrating how to get a microwave door squeaky clean (that is, by removing the glass). However, satisfying as this may seem, we'd recommend avoiding this TikTok cleaning hack. From the possibility of endangering yourself and anyone else in your kitchen, to warranty woes, there are simply too many reasons not to try this at home. 

Essentially, this hack works by opening the microwave door, then sliding the outside-facing glass sheet out. Et voilà, you're now able to clean that sheet of glass, dry it off, and slide it back into place. Granted, not all microwaves will allow you to do this ... and that's probably because they shouldn't be removed, even if they can be. 

For starters, there's the fact that, as many a TikTok user has pointed out, you're not likely to need to clean between the two sheets of glass in the first place. After all, the inward-facing sheet is the one that will be exposed to food and any potential mess. As for the outward-facing sheet, you could easily clean that without needing to take anything apart. That makes this cleaning hack a little unnecessary, at best. However, like we said, there are a few other, more serious reasons to reconsider trying this hack. 

Removing the glass might be dangerous

Outside of being unnecessary, the viral hack of removing your microwave's glass may actually pose some safety risks. When improperly sealed, there is a risk of microwaves causing things like cataracts or burns. Given that something as common as slamming your microwave door could affect the way things seal, it should go without saying that taking things a step further and actually removing things is just not a good idea. 

It bears mentioning that experts are of the same mind when it comes to this trick. In fact, speaking to Kitchn, Handy Cleaners' CEO, Daniel Brown cautioned against trying the hack for that very reason. "Taking out the microwave door has the capability of damaging the integrity of the microwave," he told the outlet. 

Perhaps you will put everything back together perfectly, and all of these safety concerns won't apply in your case. However, before giving it a go, consider whether you'd feel comfortable trying it out not knowing if there were any unsealed sections. Another thing worth considering? Whether you'd be happy knowing unrelated issues might not be covered under your warranty, simply because you tampered with the microwave's door.

You could end up losing your warranty

It seems as though many microwave manufacturers are aware of the risks that come with sliding glass out of a microwave door. After all, trying this hack could lead to one's warranty being affected ... and based on at least one TikTok comment, it seems as though some brands really are fairly strict about it. 

In response to one video demonstrating the hack, a TikTok user pointed out that while she hadn't tried it herself, she had been questioned over it when trying to have her microwave fixed after the glass exploded for an unrelated reason. "The one thing they asked me was did I ever clean the inside of the glass so umm I will not," she wrote. 

Of course, not all warranties are the same. With that in mind, if you are desperate to try this cleaning hack, your best bet would be to consult the warranty for your specific microwave. Even so, we'd still recommend proceeding with caution. There are plenty of easy, TikTok-approved microwave cleaning hacks to try that'll save you from FOMO, without potentially damaging your appliance. And, while they don't entail removing any parts, we'll say it again: that would be unnecessary. If you are noticing anything between the glass sheets, reach out to your manufacturer to see what they suggest.