Why Fixer To Fabulous' Jenny Marrs Prefers Smaller Bedrooms Over Larger Spaces

Bigger isn't always better; at least that's what HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" co-host Jenny Marrs says about the layout of a bedroom. The prolific designer said in an interview with Realtor.com that smaller spaces have an essential advantage over larger rooms. In her own experience, Marrs said that having a small bedroom has allowed her to keep the space more tidy. Large bedrooms, on the other hand, may accumulate clutter and create more stress than serenity, which Marrs says is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

"We live in an old farmhouse, so our bedroom is very small," she told Realtor, "but I found that I like a small space because otherwise, it gets cluttered. We've had bedrooms before where we've had sitting spaces and it just ends up being a spot to throw laundry."

In the interview, HGTV's Jenny Marrs reveals how she and her co-host husband Dave maximized storage space in their tiny farmhouse bedroom. She also shares her top design tips for transforming a bedroom into a peaceful oasis. Instead of wishing for more square footage in your bedroom, you can make the most of the space you already have and transform it into a "Fixer to Fabulous"-worthy oasis.

Having a small bedroom works best with plenty of storage space

Dave and Jenny Marrs have plenty of storage solutions for your small space, such as bench seats with storage compartments, built-in shelves, and versatile peg hooks, but in the case of their own bedroom, the couple created custom storage units that combine style with function for their bedroom.

Jenny told Realtor that Dave built the furniture in their room, including wooden side tables, a dresser, and a headboard. She pointed out that she had him make sure to build plenty of drawers so they had lots of places to put the various things that accumulate in bedrooms rather than have to look at them all piling up, saying, "That's where I try to keep all of our clutter so we can walk in and just sort of exhale when we get into our room instead of feeling overwhelmed by stuff." 

How to give your small bedroom an upgrade

Beyond storage space, Jenny Marrs says creating a dream bedroom, regardless of the size, comes down to a few simple design choices. "It's important to have symmetry and harmony in the space," she said. Marrs said an easy way to do that is by having a matching nightstand and lamp on both sides of the bed so the room feels balanced. According to Amardeep Designs, a symmetrical design also makes spaces appear more organized and tidy. 

The HGTV star also emphasized the importance of a quality mattress and bedding. "I think really making the investments there is important. Those are really hardworking pieces of furniture. In the long run, it's worth it," she said. If you don't know which high-quality sheets to invest in, consider bamboo, Egyptian cotton, or sateen. 

A well-chosen paint color can go a long way too. Marrs pointed out that, "A can of paint is inexpensive. It takes a weekend to paint a room, and it makes a huge impact." There are a few paint colors Jenny Marrs doesn't love in the bedroom, though, especially red. Bold colors and busy patterns can be overwhelming in a small space. Instead, choose neutral shades that evoke a sense of tranquility. Benjamin Moore's most popular neutrals include Wish AF-680Pashmina AF-100, and Clay Beige OC-11.