Update Outdoor Spaces In A Flash With IKEA's Brilliant Flooring Solution

If you're in the know about affordable home decoration, IKEA is probably top of mind when it comes to brands that can help you reimagine and renovate a space without breaking the bank. Though you might mostly associate IKEA with indoor home design and organization, their offerings extend to outdoor living spaces, too. While outdoor patios can be a huge asset to any homeowner, their standard flooring can be downright depressing, with nothing but plain concrete slabs or dull deck planks for yards and yards. Fortunately, IKEA has a price-conscious and easy-to-install system that will instantly elevate your outdoor aesthetic. 

IKEA's clever flooring solution for dingy patios is the MÄLLSTEN decking system, which comes with plastic bases that snap together and snuggly hold functional yet beautiful porcelain tiles in place. Installation takes only minutes and you can easily purchase multiple sets of tiles to cover as small or large a space as needed. The set of nine tiles, which will offer flooring for over 9 square feet when installed, retails at $59.99, and you can choose between two different styles of tile for your outdoor space.

Benefits of the IKEA MÄLLSTEN flooring solution for your outdoor areas

There are numerous benefits associated with choosing this classy IKEA flooring solution. One obvious perk is for renters or individuals who might be relocating from their current address at a foreseeable point in the future. Unlike expensive flooring remodels that you have to leave behind, the MÄLLSTEN system is as easy to remove as it is to install, making it the perfect renter-friendly option. Thanks to the durable materials — plastic bases and porcelain tiles — this flooring is sturdy and also weatherproof. You can easily clean the porcelain tiles by wiping them down with a wet sponge or cloth or rinsing them with a hose.

If you want a smooth installation of your MÄLLSTEN flooring, remember to measure your space before rushing out to purchase the system. Also, bear in mind that the tiles have a lip around the edge when installed on their own, but you can create a seamless transition onto the tiled area by purchasing the compatible RUNNEN edging strip ($5.50 for a four-pack). Most customers rave about the MÄLLSTEN system but a few do caution that some tiles may be chipped upon arrival, so hang onto your proof of purchase in case you need to reach out to customer support. While MÄLLSTEN isn't a totally permanent flooring solution, it might be one of the best-looking instant-renovation options out there.