The Chic Storage Hack To Keep Your Garden Hose And Cords Organized

You've been working outside all day — and now your yard and garden look perfect. You even took the time to water every single plant. There's just one problem. Your garden hose is now a tangled mess and you don't have a good place to put it. Instead of leaving it lying across your yard or in a messy, half-coiled pile in the garage, consider creating a DIY garden hose holder. Doing so can help you keep your garden hose free of tangles — it will also prevent it from becoming a tripping hazard in your yard or garage. Keeping your garden hose coiled up and out of the grass can also help extend its life by helping it avoid damage. The same is true for any extension cords you use around the home as well.

While there are some store-bought reels that you can use to store a garden hose, as well as retractable garden hoses, a simple and chic storage hack is all you need to store a standard garden hose. Grab a bucket or a wash basin and attach it to an exterior wall or fence. These are round and large enough for you to coil a hose or cord around, and doing so allows you to have easy access when you need it. Installing one of these DIY garden hose holders is a simple process that will only take a few minutes but will save you a lot of hassle when gardening and doing yard work.

Creating a DIY garden hose or cord holder

If you want to DIY this unique storage solution, you'll first need to choose an object to use. A bucket or metal tub is ideal, but there are other options that will work if they're similar in shape. For example, some people will even use an old tire rim as a DIY garden hose or cord holder if they have one available. Anything round and large enough to hold a hose or cord can work well, so consider what materials you have available and the aesthetic you're going for. 

Once you have the object that you'll use for this hack, clean it up and then screw it into an exterior wall or fence. If you're making a DIY hose holder, situate it close to your spigot, where you can access it easily. Once it's installed, all you'll need to do is wrap a hose or cord around it. Be sure to place it on the rack whenever it's not in use, and then enjoy benefitting from the convenience it provides. In the end, this genius hack will extend the life of your hose while doubling as a functional, eco-friendly garden ornament.