The Stunning Kitchen Trend That Has Everyone Putting Vintage Plates On Their Walls

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Your kitchen can be a tricky place for design trends. On the one hand, any open space is prime real estate for wall hangings, but on the other hand, you don't want to overdo it in a room full of appliances or add in decor that doesn't match. What if there was a trend that not only correlated and enhanced the functional side of your kitchen while still adding a style that seems timeless and chic? Say hello to the vintage plate decor, but don't roll your eyes just yet. Sure, the trend of hanging artistic and design-forward plates on kitchen walls has been around for a while, but this version sees mismatched pieces collaged together to create a dynamic and eye-catching display. Even Joanna Gaines says these types of vintage pieces are essential for every home, but this takes a twist on those with upcycled dishware that are too fun not to be displayed!

Rather than grouping matching dishware together that features a certain landscape, pattern, or painting, this trend focuses on the eclectic aspect of art. It chooses pieces that have very little (or nothing) in common. This allows you to get creative with your selections, showing off favored pieces rather than a set that you might be partial to but didn't want the extreme of all-matching wall decor.

Mix your vintage plates for a stylish, eclectic design

One of the draws of this trend is there aren't really any rules. Size, color, print, and even shape can all vary. This is one of those interior designs that lets, and even encourages, you to pull from all the different aesthetics that inspire or interest you. Suppose you did want a little uniformity or theme. In that case, you can always find plates with similar color palettes, opting instead to lean into the different prints or depictions, including blues (or any hue) of the same shade. Dishware is one of many ways to incorporate color into your kitchen without having to worry about painting or tiling, so it's an easy option!

If you already own plates that vary in pattern or the print on them and have always wanted to display them in this way, choose a few from different sets, then look online for other options to accompany those. You can also make an entire collection out of thrifted plates, seeking out new ones to add whenever you go out shopping. To really capture this trend's eclectic vibe, try to find pieces with different cultural origins. Think of mixing English Blue Willow dishware with Spanish or Latin American plates that feature brightly colored designs and pictures. Look for French-inspired china or snag commemorative plates that were popular in previous decades.

Securely hang your mix and matched plates with these tips

You can even find kitschy plates that feature dogs or entertaining prints, then combine those with more traditional patterns to really embrace the variety this particular trend is trying to encompass. Your plate wall should connect to your personality as well as your interests, and then display those for friends and family whenever they are in the kitchen. Before actually hanging any dishware, do a test layout on a flat surface to a place where you would want each one so you know how to add them to maximize the designs and prints.

There are plenty of helpful tips to perfectly hang your wall plates, but one of the most effective methods is to use adhesive discs like these options from Amazon. You can also try metal hangers like these MroMax Plate Hangers, both of which will keep your items safely attached to the wall without risk of breakage or damage. Now that you know the trend, go and enjoy the thrill of finding your vintage plates to show off your