The Birdbath Placement Mistake That's Keeping Birds From Coming Back To Your Yard

Similar to bird feeders, birdbaths are a wonderful way to invite little winged guests to your backyard. But they aren't a magic solution. In order to make the space actually inviting to birds, there is an important consideration that often gets overlooked: Keep the birdbath out of the sun. After all, birds are just like us. They want to be comfortable.

Not only is a birdbath in direct sunlight off putting to the birds, it is also a logistical problem. When the bath is exposed to a lot of sun, the water evaporates faster. Because of that, you're stuck refilling the basin more often and the birds are without their bath or drinking time rituals. If it's not possible to place it completely in the shade, try to put the bath somewhere with at least some shade to reduce evaporation.

Being comfortable also means ensuring the birdbath is clean for your flying friends. Providing a clean bath basin and water protects the birds from diseases. These genius tricks will help you keep your birdbath clean! You also want to keep the basin shallow to prevent any accidental drownings. You can also add rocks to the birdbath to help make it safer. 

Place the birdbath out of direct sunlight

One non labor-intensive way to keep your birdbath clean is to place it in a shady spot. Not only will this keep the water cooler for the birds, that temperature change also makes it less inviting to bugs and algae. This way you won't have to clean as intensively as often, and the birds can enjoy some R&R in the shade. When you do clean the bath though, be sure to avoid these ingredients to protect the birds

Fresh water to drink or cool off in can also help the birds during heat waves or particularly hot summer days. "A source of clean, fresh water can be one of the hardest things for birds to find," Kim Eierman, an environmental horticulturist and the founder of EcoBeneficial, an ecological landscape design firm, told The New York Times. "You're increasing the health of the birds by providing a resource that's really tough to find. In the summer months, it's way more important than putting up birdseed."

In the case of smaller birds, or birds that are easily preyed upon, shady placement provides a whole other benefit — protection. Nearby bushes or branches giving cover will make the birds feel safer. When they feel safe, they're more likely to return. If another animal were to come after them, the nearby shade gives the birds a quick place to hide, upping the alluring nature of your birdbath.