Try TikTok's Dollar Tree Pool Noodle Hack To Easily DIY A Window Well Cover

If you're tired of cleaning out large debris from your window well or you're worried about wildlife falling in, it's time to install a window well cover. TikTok user @duhmesticgoddess shared an ingenious pool noodle hack for anyone with a few extra hours and a nearby Dollar Tree! The project uses foam pool noodles from Dollar Tree, which you can find for $1.25 each. The quantity of pool noodles you'll need depends on the size of your window well, but most will require two noodles.

In addition to the pool noodles, you'll need chicken wire, wire cutters, and a blade or knife. Optionally, you can use spray paint to customize the color and appearance of the pool noodles to better suit your home's gorgeous exterior design. You can expect to spend around $5 on a roll of chicken wire like this 24-inch by 10-foot roll from Walmart, bringing your total for materials under $10 for this project!

How to create a DIY pool noodle window well cover

If you've decided to follow in the footsteps of @duhmesticgoddess and spray paint your pool noodles, that's the best place to start. Make sure you're spray painting in a space with plenty of airflow and use a plastic bag or drop cloth to protect the ground from the paint. Once dry, make a straight cut down the entire length of the noodle.

Lay the chicken wire over the top of your window well and cut around the edges, leaving a few inches to fold over and secure with the noodle. Use a sturdy object like a board to help you bend the chicken wire to follow the curve of your window well without hurting your hands. Then, add the pool noodles over the edges of the wire. A common concern with window well covers, especially homemade solutions, is that they still need to allow residents to exit in case of fire. DIY window well covers are only safe if they can come off very easily from the inside of the well. Fortunately, @duhmesticgoddess has assured commenters that it "comes right off," as you don't need to glue or staple anything down. The pool noodles keep the wire secure enough that it won't blow away in the wind, yet the cover is very lightweight and malleable, so anyone can move it easily. Avoid adding weight or fasteners to keep this DIY fire safe.

What to know about window well covers

There are many reasons to install a window well cover, the most important of which is safety. Sadly, window wells are one of the hidden wildlife dangers that go unnoticed until a tragedy occurs. Homeowners often find bunnies and other small animals stuck in their window wells. It's also best to keep window wells covered if you have particularly rambunctious pets or curious children. Keep in mind that chicken wire is fairly malleable, so if you have very deep wells, it may be best to opt for a more sturdy cover for kids.

Window well covers also help keep your window wells clean. Whether you've noticed a buildup of large leaves or dog toys gathering at the bottom, adding a cover will help reduce those cleanup tasks. Some window well covers also help keep heat from escaping during the winter months, which makes homes more energy efficient. This particular project allows air to escape through the wire, but you could add a clear cover if desired. Without this DIY, window well covers come at a broad range of prices. In many cases, prices depend on the size of your window well. Some covers, like this Bubble Window Well Cover from Home Depot, rival the cost of the DIY option at less than $11. Others, like Home Depot's steel cover, cost over $250. This DIY is a great option for adding safety features to your home quickly and affordably.