Tips For Choosing An Odor-Fighting Laundry Hamper To Keep Funky Smells At Bay

Dirty laundry is part of everyday life, but dealing with the resulting odors doesn't have to be. No one wants sweat-soaked gym clothes, damp towels, and clothes that have seen better days to stink up their place. That's when a good laundry hamper comes in. Mold and mildew caused by damp clothes are usually the ones to blame for the stench. Luckily, there are laundry hampers designed to prevent the buildup of those microbes and neutralize smells.

When picking the best odor-fighting laundry hamper, keep a few things in mind. These include choosing a hamper with a breathable material and plenty of ventilation, as well as adding odor-neutralizing features. By making informed choices in these areas, you can ensure that your laundry hamper not only contains your dirty clothes but keeps your home smelling fresh. It'll make laundry day a lot easier to handle, too. Read on to learn more details about choosing the best odor-blocking laundry hamper for your needs.

Consider the material and ventilation design

A hamper's material and breathability are key in stopping odors from forming and spreading. Wicker hampers made from bamboo or rattan are great choices because these natural materials are breathable. They let air flow so moisture can escape, helping prevent the buildup of mold. Cotton or canvas hampers also allow for good airflow. These materials are often used in collapsible hampers, making them easy to store when not in use.

Plastic hampers are also good choices as they are durable. Look for plastic hampers with built-in ventilation, like those with perforated sides. If you prefer hampers made of nylon or polyester, make sure they have mesh panels. These features let air move through the hamper to cut down on dampness and odors. Mesh hampers, in particular, are ideal for sweaty clothes or damp items that you need to air out. They might not block odors as well as solid, sealed hampers, but they're great at stopping odors from developing in the first place, keeping your clothes dry and well-ventilated.

Additional hamper features to help fight odors

Besides the material and design, look for models with features like removable liners that you can machine wash. Removal liners should be ideally washed every laundry day. You can also search for hampers with smooth surfaces that you can wipe down easily with antimicrobial wipes to prevent the growth of mold and keep your hamper fresh longer. The important thing is that it will be easy for you to clean your hamper on a regular basis. 

You can also add features to your laundry hamper to keep the smelly odors at bay. Activated charcoal bags are great add-ons. These filters can soak up and neutralize odors, keeping your hamper odor-free even with stinky items inside. Walmart has packs of activated charcoal bags for just under $15.

Another handy add-on is a scented sachet. Just toss a sachet into your laundry basket, and it will work continuously to fight odors. Scented sachets can be used in other places, too, like closets, drawers, and gym bags, for an all-around pleasant scent in your home. Like the charcoal bags, you can find packs of scented sachets for less than $15 at Walmart. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help keep your laundry from smelling unpleasant long before laundry day.